Women who Drink Coffee Are Less Depressed

Throughout time, there have been made many studies to prove that caffeine consumption could do great things to the overall health of a person. In the past couples of years it has been showed that drinking coffee could lower people’s risks of developing breast cancer, prostate cancer or coffee consumption could even prevent strokes. The latest study made on the issue suggests that women who drink 3 or more cups of caffeinated coffee per day have a much lower risk of developing depression over a period of 10 years than they counterparts who only drank a cup of coffee or less during an entire week.

How Can Coffee Help Depression?

The researchers involved in the largest study of the sort mentioned that their study only showed a link between coffee consumption and depression risks in women and that it is not shown that coffee can lower depression risks in women.

In the above mentioned study were involved more than 50,000 women in the United States of America and this particular study is in line with another one which showed that moderate coffee consumption had a link with a reduced risk of suicide.

However, even though in the United States of America, about 80 percent of the population consumed coffee, there effects this one has on the human body and particularly on depression are not completely understood. Even though in the study were included many women, the researchers said that even though the time span was quite large, there were some aspects omitted from the entire study.

For instance, the researchers of this study did not take into account things such as the economical status of the people involved or things such as a past history of depression or the experience of losing someone dear. At the beginning of the study no women who were part of it had a depression diagnosis and by the end of the entire period of the study, about 2,500 women out of the 50,000 were clinically diagnosed with depression and started taking antidepressants. What the study shows is that women who drank at least 3 cups of caffeinated coffee a day had a 20 percent lowered risk of developing depression. There was no link between decaffeinated coffee and the depression, however.

Doctors Alert Patients about Coffee Consumption

Even though all the studies made based on the theory that coffee can help people live healthier and even though coffee is known for its antioxidants which help the organism very much, doctors are still skeptical about how good coffee works and they would not recommend their patients to start drinking so much coffee.

Coffee is also known for inducing high blood pressure in people and this is the main reason for which people should not drink as much. On the other hand, however, there has been showed for quite a lot of times that the benefits of drinking coffee were more than the side effects and this is the main reason for which people trust caffeinated coffee. Plus, coffee also fills us with the energy we need for an entire day of work.

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