Women and Heart Problems

According to recent studies, one of the best ways through which people can fight the development of numerous heart diseases is by consuming large quantities of vegetables. It seems that a diet which consists of lots of antioxidants, which can usually be found in vegetables, grains, and fruits, can reduce the stroke risk among women.

The researchers stated those women who were included in the study, and who did not have a history of cardiovascular disease consumed vegetables, and other healthy food sources which contained lots of antioxidants, on a regular basis. It seems that in their case, the large consumption of these food sources was able to reduce the risk of stroke by 17 percent. The women who did not consume these foods, and thus had a low level of antioxidants in their bodies, had the same risks of developing a stroke.

Antioxidants proved to be very important in the case of the women who had a history of cardiovascular diseases as well. It seems that in their cases, the high levels of antioxidants, managed to reduce the risk of developing a hemorrhagic stroke by 57 percent. Once again, in the case of the women who did not have antioxidants in their bodies, the risk of developing a stroke remained the same.

Susanne Rautiainen, of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, who was the leader of the study, said in a statement that people should eat more vegetable and fruits which are rich in antioxidants, as they have a huge role when it comes to the improvement of the heart condition.

Heart Disease and Vegetables

The study involved 36,715 women, with ages between 49 and 83, and it stretched over a period of ten years. When the study began, 31,035 of the participants did not have a history of heart diseases, whereas 5,680 were already suffering from a heart problem. The participants had to complete questionnaires, and the researchers collected data about their eating habits. They wanted to measure the level of antioxidants in their diet. It seems that vitamin C and E, flavonoids, and carotenoids, which are all antioxidants, have the power of countering the effects of the free radicals, which can cause damage to the tissue.

As a result, the antioxidants have the power of reducing clotting of the blood, inflammation in the body, and blood pressure.

Importance of a healthy life

However, according to the researchers, various health factors could have had a big role in the reduced stroke rates.

The researchers noted that other health factors may have played a role in the lower stroke rates. Rautiainen said that women, who had higher levels of antioxidants in their bodies, might be more interested in their health than the ones with lower levels.

However, it seems that even the women who were in a poor physical shape, and who smoked, and who had high levels of antioxidants in their bodies, had lower chances of developing a heart condition. It seems that oxidants really are great against heart conditions.

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