What About That Conflict Between Generations?

There has always been a conflict of generation, each time the “youngsters” being criticized for the fact that they cannot meet the standards imposed by the people from the previous generations. Today’s generation is considered very selfish, overpraised, coddled, and so on. Because of this, it is believed that most of them would like to have everything without making effort. Even if things look like it, according to the experts, the situation is quite the opposite.

A Generation of Lazy People?

For example, the rate of volunteerism in high school and college are at an all-time high. According to various researches, over 80 percent of the college freshmen were engaged in volunteer work in the past year. A record number of students are applying to serve in Peace Corps, Americorps, and other similar volunteering organizations.

Also, it seems that today’s teens are willing more than ever to participate in organized political demonstrations. It is true that their voting rates are very low, but even so, the large majority of them participate in various political organizations which want to fight against poverty, and so on. Today’s youth is more tolerant than any other generation. Think about all the racism and other type of discrimination which took place in the past, and which was accepted by the past generations. That is no longer the case, as nowadays, any type of minority is accepted, regardless of religion, ethnic group, sexual orientation, and so on.

It has been revealed that the majority of the students believe that women should have the same rights as men, something which was considered absurd in the past. There are also more interethnic friendships and romances than in the past, because people finally started to accept the minorities.

Helping the Others

As you can see, the present generation is not as bad as the previous generations consider it to be. This generation is not selfish and lazy as it is considered, but it is a generation who wants to do something for the other people. This could be the solution this planet needs, especially since all the problems are global, and not local. All of these problems: environmental, financial, wars, and so on, they take place at a worldwide level. Because of this, the fact that these generations are willing to do something about it should be praised, and not condemned. Their actions might be the solution, because they might be the first generation to do something about it.

It was stated that this generation cares only about technology, and that because of it, they do not care about regular social interaction. It is true that the effects of technology are obvious, but that does not mean that they are bad. Thanks to the evolution of technology, today’s generation has the feeling that they are part of the world, of the entire globe. They can talk to people from different continents, interact with them, and so on.

These are just some of the traits of the present generation. As you can see, it is not actually bad, as many consider it to be.

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