Weight Loss Drug Works in Monkeys. May Work in Humans, Too

Throughout time, people have come up with all sorts of innovative ideas to help them lose the extra weight. There have been planned diets, exercises and there have even been made some pills which were said to help people lose weight. Anyway, nothing works as well as we would want it too and at times, even with pills, people would still have to engage in serious exercising to lose the weight they want to.

Well, it seems that the new technology is not for nothing and it may be that from now on, people will not have to worry about the extra weight, as there might be a pill which would help people lose the extra weight, without having the need to exercise or give up foods they love.

The wonder weight loss pill works in monkeys

There has been made a new study on monkeys that were given these wonder pills and it has been observed that they worked very well. According to the researchers involved in this study, it seems that the monkeys that were given this pill, which is actually a protein compound called adipotide, showed signs of weight lost in only 28 days since the drug was administered.

The couple of researchers who have come up with this new drug have begun developing it somewhere back in 2004, when they made tests on mice, which were also very successful. Now that the drugs also worked on monkeys, the FDA is considering approving the drugs to be tested on humans.

The drug may work in humans

As already mentioned, the FDA is considering allowing trials for the drug in humans in about a year. The catch is that if the drug really works, people would still need to keep their desired weight by exercising and leading a healthy life. The researchers involved in the study said that they are very optimistic about the drug working for humans too, but they also said that the results they have seen in monkeys put forth the idea that people are still going to need exercises to keep fit.

The study showed that monkeys who took the pill lost weight from the fat that is linked to type 2 diabetes and heart conditions, not from muscles or the water in the body. However, once they got back to their environment and started leading the same lifestyle, they put back on all the weight the pill helped them lose.

Therefore, the conclusion of the entire study is that if the drugs are going to work on people, those who want to keep their waistline will have to change their entire lifestyle and start exercising. Of course, losing the amount of weight you have always wanted is a very big step and once people will see in the mirror something they love, they will surely be able to make some changes in their lifestyle and they will surely be able to do it without too much difficulty. Hopefully, the trials for the drugs in humans will start soon and the results will be the ones expected.

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