Unecessary Surgeries

Having a surgery is dangerous, especially if the age of the patient is high. It is very difficult for the body to handle an operation, and there are cases when things can go terribly wrong even if the operation was simple. Infections, blood clots, and bleeding are all possible side effects of a surgery.

Which surgeries to avoid?

Because of this, it is important for anyone to know the surgeries which they should accept and the ones which they should decline. There is no point in undergoing a surgery which is not necessary. There are various operations which are over performed, and the reasons for the unnecessary frequency are diverse. Some of the surgeries save the doctors and the hospitals some money, others work but only on short term. However, it has been proven that some of these surgeries have very dangerous side effects and that they can cause more harm than good.

One of the most common operations people have is the implantation of stents for stable angina. Stents are very small mesh tubs which prop open arteries that carry blood to the heart. A stent can be a lifesaver for the people who suffered a heart attack. However, for people who suffer from stable angina, stents are not necessary. Stable angina is chest pain caused by stress or by an exertion. It has been proven that for the people with stable angina, physical exercise, and taking pills which lower cholesterol, are just as efficient, if not more, than the stents.

Even so, despite of their inefficiency, more than 500,000 people receive stents implants each year. Sanjay Kaul, M.D., a cardiologist at Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute in Los Angeles stated that many heart surgeons insert the stents in order to evaluate the blood vessels, which is not necessary. Dr. Kaul stated that surgeons should catheterize first, and they should insert the stents only if it is absolutely necessary. In case your doctors states that you require heart catheterization, you should make sure to ask him if he wants to insert the stent during that operation, or during a different one.

Stents not worth it

The experts have stated that even the catheterization should be avoided in case there is an alternative, because once again, a surgery can be very demanding on the human body. It is very important to analyze all the options before undergoing surgery. There are cases when people experience chest pains because they do not do physical exercises, or because they are much stressed. It has been discovered that 20 percent of the people who have stents did not have any symptoms. Between 30 and 50 percent underwent surgery without having any tests. 30 percent of them did not receive any other medical therapy prior to the operation. Doctors believe that therapy should always come first, and that surgery should come after.

According to the doctors, these are not the only operations which are done too often, when it is clearly not the case. There are others surgeries which can cause more damage than good, and which are performed too often.

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