Treatment of Elders Around the World

The opinions about the elder people are different around the world. Some of the countries, such as Japan, celebrate their elders. Sweden offers them free Yoga lessons. In Bolivia they are made to feel useful.

Some of the Countries Have Difficulties Taking Care of Elders

People all over the world are starting to live for a longer period of time. There is nothing wrong with that, the only problem being the fact that in some of the cases, the elders do not receive the proper care. In Britain for example, people are terrified of becoming old, as they know the difficulties they will have to face. Numerous old people have died at the Stafford Hospital between 2005 and 2008 because the nurses did not find it necessary to take care of them. Changes are slowly being made, but they might not be very efficient.

In Britain for example, the retirement funds are in a very poor state. Britain is one of the countries where the number of old people is rising and the number of young ones is declining. Simply put it, Britain cannot afford paying for all the elders from the country. The retirement fund system is considered an embarrassment by the citizens and by some of the politicians of the country.

It is very likely that a change will not be made very soon. In other countries families they care of their elders, even if it is very difficult and they have to make lots of sacrifices. In case the family members work, they need to have a very kind boss which will allow them to go home when they must. In Australia, people who need to take care of a family member in need, have the right to go home, in case of an emergency. In the United States of America, the employees have the right to take 12 weeks off each year, without being paid, in order to take care of a family member. The benefit is that they cannot be fired for this reason.

In France, the children are now legally responsible to take care of their needing parents. In case something happens to the parents, the children are held accountable for. The law was introduced when in 2003, more than 15,000 elder people died in France because of a heat wave. Some of the bodies were found by family members, weeks later.

Others Take Care of Them Just Fine

In Japan it is a certainty that an old family member will live with his/her family. The children are being though from a very young age to respect their grandparents, and they know that later in life, they will share the same home.

Other Asian countries have a similar system. In South Korea for example, many young people do volunteer work in retirement homes. They do not do it because they have to, but because they believe that this is the right thing to do. They might go numerous times per week to a retirement home in order to spend some time with the elders, with people they do not know. These are just some of the countries which take care of their elders in the proper manner.

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