Taking Care of An Older Pet

Puppies and kittens are very cute, and they need lots of attention. You take care of them as if they were human babies: you feed them; you clean after them, and so on. However, the old dogs and the old cats need attention as well. In the United States of America, more than 45 million cats and dogs have become seniors. Just like in the case of humans, when they get older their bone density starts to become less dense, and their metabolism slows down. However, thanks to the evolution of technology and of medicine, certain problems such as urinary incontinence, arthritis, and even cancer have a chance.

Take care of his body

There are certain ways in which you can help your old pet feel more comfortable and have a better life. The older the pet is, the more time he/she will spend sleeping. They sleep an average of 16 hours a day, so because of this, you need to make sure that the place where they sleep is very comfortable, padded, and properly heated. This will provide care for them, especially during the winter, and if they suffer from arthritis.

When the pets get older they need to consume quality foods. There are many companies which make “senior formula” foods, but those type of foods aren’t good. They just want to make money. Make sure that you ask your vet about the food your dog should consume. The food should contain lots of fiber, and it should be low in calories. They might lose their appetites when they get older, so try to mix things up in order to make them interested in food.

It is very important to make sure that your hose is pet proofing. Make sure that the pets will not slip on the smoother surface. Also make sure that you keep a light on in case your poet wakes up during the night, as many of them suffer from bad eye sight. You could also place a ramp near your bead, in order to help them get there more easily.

And of his mind

Since the pets are older, it is important to take them to regular check-ups. You should take them at least twice per year. When the pets get older, lots of things could happen in their bodies, and it is important for the doctor to detect this in time. The vet should do blood screens, fecal exams, X-rays, and so on.

Just as the humans, the pets need to be active from various points of view. It is important to constantly stimulate them, in order to keep them both mentally and physically active. Take them to new places; buy them new toys, play new games with them, and so on. By doing so, they will be willing to be active, to play, and to explore new things. Try to make them less sedentary as possible, because just like in the case of people, a sedentary life can be very dangerous. These are some ways through which you can help your senior pet.

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