Should Older People Avoid Surgery?

Although for most older people a hospital is like a refuge, it becomes clearer and clearer that the hospitals can be very dangerous places, especially for the elderly. Furthermore, the hospital itself is not such a big problem, but the procedures that may be performed there may be a source of worrying, especially when it comes to surgeries. Although older people can undergo surgeries, most of the times they can be more life-threatening than helpful.

Moreover, according to the researchers involved in this new study, which shows how dangerous surgeries can be for nursing home people, it seems that even very simple procedures, such as appendectomies can be a source of danger. From what the researchers said, it seems that these risks have something to do with the anesthesia or even with the surgery’s assault on the human body. And the sad news is that most people today do not even realize just how much harm a surgery can do to one of their parents, for instance.

It Is Even Worse for Nursing Home People

As if it were not enough that these poor people did not have anyone else on the planet to look after them and they had to be taken to a nursing home, it seems that they also are in more danger when it comes to surgeries than people of the same age who live at home. The new study made so as to show just how harmful hospital procedures can be for old people, shows that nursing home patient who went through the same procedures as seniors of the same age who lived at home, were more likely to be in danger than the latter category.

Furthermore, it seems that even when the number of illnesses they suffered from was higher in people who lived in their own home, with a relative, they were not as much in danger when it came to performing a surgery in comparison to people of the same age who were institutionalized. Therefore, the main issue with which the new study deal is that for nursing people it is always harder and more dangerous, especially when it comes to being hospitalized and performed surgeries upon.

Not Even Surgery Survivors Live Better

The study continues by stating that even though patients got out of surgery well enough to be sent home or to their nursing home, most nursing home patients had to undergo another invasive intervention afterwards. This means that even though they got out of surgery well enough, those who live in nursing home do not have the same ability to get well in comparison to people who lived at home, with one of their relative, even though they had the same age.

It is very well known that older people are frailer and it seems that if they also live their lives in a nursing home, their lives can be even harder. Therefore, doctors should pay more attention to these sort of people and maybe decide upon another type of treatment, to replace a surgery, so as to make sure that the patient will be alright.

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