Should Old People Be Placed in Retirement Homes or Not?

The decision of putting old people into retirement is a controversial one. Some people believe that it is the right thing to do, whereas others are completely against it. Some believed that it is the best thing to do for a parent, as he/she will have the possibility of socially interacting with other people, instead of being alone in the house.

Others believed that the life these people have is not a very pleasant one, because in the majority of the cases, they do not enjoy what they do there. It seems that more and more lonely widows or widowers end up in retirement homes.

Things Changed in Time

In Britain, things to be a lot different in the past, as until 4 decades ago, the majority of the families took care of their parents. In many Roman Catholic families they still take care of their old parents. The same thing happens in many Eastern European countries and in countries from Asia as well. In other countries, it is a common thing to send your parent to a retirement home, in order for someone else to take care of him/her.

Numerous local authorities believe that it is their job to take care of the elderly, and try to do so in the best manner possibly. The families who pay for this service, spend lots of money in order to make sure that their elders receive the best care there. There are families who still keep a parent, or both of them at home. There are cases when both spouses keep both of their parents at home, but these cases are very rare. It seems that space is a major factor when it comes to keeping a parent or both of them. Some families simply do not have the required room, especially if they have lots of children.

One of the problems in Britain, according to many citizens, is the fact that the State does not offer tax relief to people who look after a dependent relative, even if they spend lots of money on the support of their parents.

A Change in Mentality is required

Many believe that those changes would not be enough, and that people would still prefer to put their parents into retirement homes, even if they would get tax deductions. Many believe that the culture should be changed. For example people should be aware of the fact that sometimes later in life they will share their homes with a parent or maybe with both of them.

Many would like to have their privacy instead of sharing the home with their parent. They might make the decision of sending their parents to one of these homes because they believe that it is better for their parents, or because they want to make life easier for themselves. What many do not realize is the fact that they could actually benefit from having a parent in the house. They might learn something from his/her experience, and the grandchildren could gain some knowledge from their grandparent as well. It could be a win-win situation.

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