Popularity of Cooking Applications on the Rise

Technology can be used for all sorts of things nowadays, and cooking seems to be one of it. There are various applications which simplify the cooking process, in the sense that the user can obtain hundreds of recipes with video instructions whenever he/she wants.

The best ones

Epicurious is one of the best places to start, as it is a free application which contains more than 25,000 recipes. These recipes come from Conde Nast’s collection. The recipes are included into various categories, and the user has the possibility of listing the foods in numerous manners. One of the most impressive things about the application is the fact that it has a very search capability. You can combine various search categories, such as the main ingredient, seasonings, occasions, and so on.

This means that you can easily find the dish you want to serve. For example you might be interesting to serve chicken with rosemary on Christmas. The application will display all the dishes which correspond to the requirements. You can also type in phrases or search words. If you own an Android based device, you can use the speech feature in order to search for the desired thing.

The recipes are excellent, as they come with reviews and user rankings, photos, and so on. You can tag a recipe, and you can send it to whoever you like.

Another very useful application is BigOven. It is free, and it features more than 170,000 recipes. The reason why it has such a large number of recipes is because anyone can upload the recipe to the site. It is very likely that you will find numerous recipes for prefab foods, such as canned beans, and so on. You will be able to find almost any recipe you desire, but if you like to see pictures of the food, or of the steps you need to follow, you will be disappointed, because the application is unable to display pictures. For $16 per year, you will receive nutritional information of the recipe you are about to cook, and the display will be ads free.


You could also try the application from The application is free for Apple and Android devices. This application is pretty fun to use, because it lets you combine things in a random manner. There are three slots, one for the dish, the other for the ingredient, and the last one for the cooking time. By pressing the button, or by shaking the phone, you will get a random combination. Of course, in case you do not like the combination, you can choose the elements manually. You can also use the search function, and you can sort the results by factors such as user ratings, dietary requirement filters, and so on. If you upgrade the application, by paying $2.99, you will receive an automatic shopping list feature, and the number of recipes you receive will be higher.

People of all ages enjoy these applications, as they can make the cooking experience much more fun.

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