Parent-Child Relationship Hurt by Recession

As if it were not enough that the recession affected everybody at every level, it seems that parents over the age of 40 are also more likely to have children whose interest in developing a relationship with their parents is quite lost. Therefore, families who have been severely affected by the recession are less likely to get along as they used to.

It seems that families from the middle and upper – middle classes are the ones most affected by the recession and the parent – children ties are quite affected, as parents observe that their children are no longer interested in being close to them. Therefore, parents find themselves completely ignored by their children.

Lack of money leads to lack of relationship

Although it is very sad news, it seems it is quite true that the recession affects the relationship between parents and their children very much. A new study made by researchers at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and at the Birmingham Young University, shows that families who were affected by the recession were very likely to present symptoms of depression and it seems that depressed parents were more likely to report that their children are no longer interested in being close to them.

Moreover, it seems that the recession and the lack of money did not affect only the parents, but also the children, as those children who came from families deeply affected by the recession were less likely to engage in pro – social behaviors, which include helping people out or cheering up a person who felt sad or things of the sort. The researchers said that what most of the world does not understand is the fact that these particular families, the upper-middle and the middle class ones are the most affected by this recession, as they are no longer able to enjoy the life they have been used to and this is a very difficult thing to do, especially for teenagers.

Economic stress felt by the entire family

Although people might think that the parents are usually the ones most affected by the economic stress and even though the general idea might be that parents are the only ones who cannot sleep at night during this stress, this could not be more wrong. Children are affected by the economic stress as much as their parents are and they can also be quite depressed. Of course, people suffer greatly due to the fact that they can no longer provide for their children as they used to.

For instance, parents may become mentally ill when they realize that they no longer afford to buy their kids a cellphone or new clothes or things they used to be able to afford. This is how parents can become irritated, depressed and withdrawn and these are the things which usually put a wall between the parents and their children. Of course, children are also affected to see their parents act like this and they get introverted, stop talking and they stop being interested in having a relationship with their parents.

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