Omega 3 Treats Knee Problems

It seems that knee problems can be cured with the aid of omega-3. Researchers from the United Kingdom have discovered that the fatty acids from omega-3 have the possibility of slowing down osteoarthritis. They conducted the research on guinea pigs, but they believe that it has the potential of working on people as well.

Effects of omega-3 on knee problems

Usually when people get older, they develop all sorts of problems. Some have back problems, others bone problems. There are also many people who develop knee problems. There are cases when the knees hurt so bad that these people have troubles moving in the proper manner. It seems that the problem can be somehow fixed with the aid of fish oil pills. It has been discovered that fish oil which can be found mostly in omega-3 pills, could reduce the symptoms and signs of osteoarthritis.

The study funded by Arthritis Research UK, was conducted by researchers from the University of Bristol. Researchers stated that the fed guinea pigs with diets containing high levels of omega-3. Guinea pigs usually develop osteoarthritis, and it seems that the omega-3 was able to reduce the disease by 50 percent. The discovery could be of great importance because it could prove that omega-e acids could slow down the progression of osteoarthritis. It is also believed that the acids, either from flax or fish oil might prevent the development of the disease.

Fish oil has been included in numerous “old wives tales”, which stated that it has the potential of reducing the joint pains. Dr John Tarlton, from the Matrix Biology Research group at the University of Bristol’s School of Veterinary Sciences, was the leader of the study. He stated that when omega-3 was used, the degradation of collagen in cartilage, and the loss of molecules which protect the cartilage were reduced. These two are early signs of the condition.

He also stated that omega-3 has the potential of influencing the biochemistry of the illness, and as a result it can prevent the disease and slow it down as well. Thanks to that, osteoarthritis can be controlled; in the case of guinea pigs for the moment. Dr. Tarlton stated that the only way to know if omega-3 is just as beneficial in the case of people as it is in the case of guinea pigs, is to use it on people. It is believed that it could work in the case of humans as well, as the disease in the guinea pigs, is very similar to the one in humans.

A long road ahead

Alan Silman, medical research director of Arthritis Research UK, stated that omega-3 has been previously used in the case of dogs, and those researchers indicated that it could take lots of time until they will be able to discover its effects on people. He stated that the new research is impressive, as it allowed them to understand the way in which omega-3 interferes with the osteoarthritis. He advised people to consume lots of food which contains omega-3.

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