Older People Who Are Bilingual Can Keep Alzheimer’s Away

There have been so many studies made on the subject of the most famous degenerative conditions, the Alzheimer’s disease, that it became quite clear that a lot more research is needed in order to determine what exactly causes the death of the brain cells and what people can do in order to prevent it. According to the most recent study on the issue, it seems that being bilingual does a lot of good.

Bilingual People Can Prevent Alzheimer’s for At Least 4 Years

Although the study does not show us how to totally prevent the condition, it gives people some hints into what they can do if they want to live longer without forgetting what their name is. According to this new study, it seems that people, who participated in the study and only spoke one language, started showing signs of Dementia at about the age of 70 for men and at 71 for women. On the other hand, it seems that people who spoke at least two languages had higher chances of preventing the condition for at least four years, as the year at which Alzheimer’s seemed to develop was at about 76 for men and 75 for women.

The amazing discovery will hopefully help researchers define better what things people can do if they want to prevent the horrible condition which is characterized by the death of the brain cells which are no longer able to regenerate. Therefore, the main symptoms of the condition are things such as loss of memory, inability of start speaking or of ending a conversation and ultimately, people who suffer from the condition are no longer able to recognize their family or the place they live at.

How Else to Prevent Alzheimer’s?

Although speaking two languages is no longer an issue, at least not for people who are currently in their 40 or 50, there are some other things that can be done in order to prevent the condition, at least for a little while longer. Another recent study seems to suggest that people who keep an eye on their cholesterol levels are able to prevent the condition from happening for quite a long time. Therefore, a combination of a healthy heart and a healthy knowledge of at least two languages can do a lot of wonders for our brains.

Bottom line, it seems that keeping our brain busy is not the only way in which we can prevent this terrible condition called Alzheimer’s, but we also need to control what we are eating. Once we hit 40, we know that we are not longer as young as we used to be and we understand that our body needs more protection both from the exterior point of view, but the interior also needs a lot of protection. Therefore, keeping an eye on our diets and exercising as much as we can is the best thing to do if we want to keep away conditions such as heart failures, brain damages which ultimately lead to death.

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