Older Adults Fear Technology

Although technology has advanced so much in the past years and even though there are more and more people who find their way into using a computer, people aged 75 and older seem not to care too much about owning a computer. People seem to be living longer and this may be one of the reasons you would think people would try to adapt to the new era. However, things are not as simple as one may think.

For instance, most people over the age of 75 do not find anything interesting in knowing how to use a computer. Aside of the fact that it takes them twice the time to learn a new routine, who would they talk to? Their kids, their grandchildren. That is true, but they would not spend that much time learning something that does not interest them. There are very few old people who have bought a desktop computer and started using it. Jerry Dyer and his wife are such a family, whose 80 years of life has not stopped them from learning new things.

People are afraid of wasting precious time

It is true that once you get older you are less interested in the future and more into what is going on at the present time. It is only natural to be more concerned with your present life than with anything else, but knowing how to use a computer can be quite a great thing. For instance, the Dyer family said that they have their fun going online. Jerry has found online some of his Army friends and now they send each other e-mails, trying to keep tabs on each other. Moreover, they also found their way into online shopping and for old people, who found it hard to get out of the house sometimes, it is quite important to have a way to get your groceries at home.

However, even though there are a few people who have learnt how to use the computer and how to go online, most of the older adults do not want to learn how to do it. Most of them are afraid of the fact that they might be spending too much time learning a thing they may end up not being able to use after all, instead of doing something that is really valuable.

Old age does not help

As you can imagine, once people get older, they find it harder to coordinate their moves and this may be one of the main reasons for which people are so reticent in what concerns computer use. This usually happens because once you grow older, you may find it quite difficult to use the mouse or to type on the keyboard and everything can be quite frustrating.

Even though there are some benefits to the entire computer usage thing, seniors seem not to care too much about it and this is the main reason for which 62 percent of the people over the age of 75 have no interest in ever learning how to use a computer.

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