New Transportation for Aging Population

There are numerous cities, rural towns, and suburbs which created new methods through which the elders can get from one place to the other. There are numerous towns in which the majority of the residents are over 65. Because of that, various nonprofit organizations and communities created new methods of transporting the elders.

St. Augustine

One of these cities who take care of the elders is St. Augustine, Florida. The public bus system in this city has been tweaked, in order to make sure that the elders are able to get in the places they need to be. The residents can also call a phone center in order to receive directions to an area, or they can be taken by a volunteer. In St. Augustine, Florida, 26 percent of the population is over 60, and as a result, the city has made some changes in order to help them.

There are various paid employees and volunteers who drive either buses or their own cars in order to transport the elders to various places. There are also bus fares which make 18 trips each day to the hospital. The ticket prices have been reduced as well, as the elders have to pay $12.50 per month or 50 cents per ride in order to use the bus. There are also local buses which run on the highway to Jacksonville, which is the closest city to St. Augustine. There are also vans which people can either hire, so the people in wheelchairs to get a ride, or they can be rented in case the disabled person has someone who can drive a van.

People really enjoy the way in which the community takes care of them. There are numerous people over 60 who can no longer drive, or who have trouble walking, but thanks to the ingenious system developed by the community, they have no problems going from place to place. The most important thing for them is the fact that they do not have to rely on someone. They do not have to ask or beg for a ride, and the fact that they have to pay for it, makes it even better for them.

The Delmarva Peninsula

A similar system has been created in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. It is called the Delmarva Community Service, and it is a nonprofit agency which offers transportation to the elders and to the disabled people. People in the Delmarva Peninsula are able to travel between these three states, for various purposes. Mainly, the transportations are for medical or work purposes, but they are also set for entertainment purposes as well. They are also taken to church, to concerts, and even to the beauty salon.

The coordinators of the program have stated that the program attracts new riders very often. People are invited to go to various places, and after they do it the first time, they continue doing it. Programs such as these are all over the country, and they have been gained lots of support.

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