More Seniors Abusing Drugs in the US

In the past couples of years, the United States of America has seen a great increase in the number of people who were substance abusers. Most of these people were considered to be teenagers who used their parents’ prescription pills as drugs. Today, however, the numbers have increased greatly and not only in what concerns the abuse of prescriptions pills, but also of drugs and alcohol and that because there are more and more seniors who turn to drugs or who have been using drugs for a very long period of time.

More Alcoholics than Drug Addicts

Even though there are many drug addicts who are aged 50 and older, most seniors abuse alcohol rather than anything else. Alcohol has been number one on the list of top abused substances and it is not followed by heroin and cocaine. The sad news is that there have been reported more and more seniors engaging in abusing activities of the sort and the even sadder story is that numbers are even higher than stated, as researchers seem to believe that there are more addicts out there than the registered numbers, who come and look for help.

There have been developed many centers where seniors can go and look for help. It is not easy to be a grandpa and be an addict. It is not nice for your children and grandchildren to talk about their parents and grandparents and mention the fact that they are alcohol abuser and this makes most seniors go look for help in specialized center.

People Engage in Drug Abuse due to Big Changes

Although alcohol still remains number one on the addiction list, there are many old people who engage in drug abuse as well. For instance, the number of old people who use heroin and cocaine has quadrupled in a period of 16 years and according to the researchers, this is unacceptable. However, even though there are so many centers which are able to help people, the researchers seem to believe that the number of seniors abusing drugs will continue to increase, as the baby boom generation is getting older.

It is widely known that the baby boom generation is well acquainted with drug use and drug abuse and even though people can be 80, they seem not to be able to stop. At one of the specialized clinics, for instance, an 80-year old man presented himself saying that he has been a heroin addict for more than 50 years now.

The sad story is that even though there are many seniors who have made a habit out of consuming drugs and this habit has been present for many years, there are many seniors who only now become caught in this nasty drug dance. According to the latest study made on the issue, it seems that most seniors who only now engage in drug abuse due it due to the radical changes that start happening in their lives. People start retiring and with retirement comes great loss. Moreover, their loved ones start dying and they begin losing the things they loved most and this is the main reason for which they start abusing drugs.

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