Menopause Triggered by Household Chemicals

It is a widely known fact that women who are past their 40s are going through a phase called menopause. Although it is quite natural for women around the age of 50 to hit menopause, when it happens earlier it may be because of all the household products used throughout time, according to a study made on the issue.

It is very important for women past the age of 40 to understand what menopause is and how it works. During the early stages of menopause the ovaries cease to function completely and there are a few symptoms which virtually any woman has, but there are also symptoms which can differ from woman to woman. For instance, every woman will have the famous hot flashes, but it is not necessary for all the women to experience a gain in weight, for example.

Anyways, it is quite clear that every woman experiences menopause differently, as we are all different and it is all about the life we have lead so far that influences the way in which we experience menopause.

How do chemicals affect the body?

Throughout time there have been many cases of women in their 30s who have entered their menopause period. While for women over the age of 40 it is quite natural, for women younger than this it is unusual and the main reason for which this happens seems to be because of the perfluorocarbons (PCFs) levels in our bodies.

The exposure to the PCFs released by the household chemicals has been proven to trigger early symptoms of menopause and according to the researchers involved in the study; there are more and more women who are affected by these PCFs. Another interesting result of the study shows that women who have been longer exposing themselves to these PCFs in the household products are showed lowers levels of estrogen in their bodies.

What are perfluorocarbons and where do they come from?

Perfluorocarbons also known as PCFs are chemicals made by people. They are the odorless and colorless gasses which have been thought to have also contributed to the global warming effect. And now it seems that the PCFs have also a lot to do with the early onset of menopause in women.

What people seem not to know about these PCFs is that they persist in the environment for a very long period of time and this is the main reason for which they can be found virtually everywhere at any given time. Although men can also be affected by these chemical, as it seems the women are the ones most affected by it.

For some women it can be quite a bad experience to go through menopause at such an early age, as there are some of them who want to become mothers again or for the first time in their 30s and according to the scientists, it seems that there are more and more women who end up being childless due to the fact that they enter their menopause at such an early age. Even for women over the age of 40 this can be quite an early time for menopause, but it is not as risky as for those who are younger.

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