Living Forever?

According to Aubrey de Grey, the first person who will reach the age of 150, has already been born. He also stated that the first person to reach the age of 1,000 is less than 20 years young.

Aubrey de Grey is a biomedical gerontologist and chief scientists of a foundation which has its main goal of researching longevity. He believes that within his lifetime, doctors could find a manner of curing the diseases which affect the human life, and thus to extend the life indefinitely. He believes that in the next quarter of a century, doctors could control life. By control, he means the same control used in order to treat illnesses, and infection diseases which exist nowadays. He believes that sometimes in the future, patients will go to their doctors for maintenance purposes.

The way it works

The maintenance will include stem cell therapies, gene therapies, immune stimulation, and many other medical techniques. De Grey won his doctorate in 2000 at Cambridge University. He is a chief scientific officer for the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Foundation from California. He stated that the main reason why we age is because cellular and molecular damages take place in our bodies. He stated that the best way of eliminating the side effects of aging is through preventative geriatrics. This means that people should go regularly to their doctor in order to repair the cellular and molecular damage.

There are mixed opinions regarding the age people might be able to reach in the future. However, it seems that with each passing year, the age expectancy is increased with three months. According to the experts, by 2030, there could be around a million centenarians. Nowadays, the oldest person in the world was Japanese, who reached the age 122. In that country alone there were more than 44,000 centenarians in the previous year.

Mixed opinions

However, some researchers believe the opposite. They believe that because of the increasing obesity rates, life will get shorter. They stated that for the moment, the rich countries are the ones which suffer from very high obesity rates, but that in the future years the developing countries will see an increase in obesity as well.

Some stated that De Grey’s ideas are absurd, and that they are not worth debating. However, in 2005, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offered $20,000 to anyone who proved that De Grey’s theory is wrong. No one managed to prove it, and the prize is still unclaimed. There are many people who are not too eager to live for such a long period of time. They believe that if people will manage to reach those years, entire nations could be made mostly out of sick and frail people. De Grey stated that his main focus is to eliminate the killer diseases. He stated that he does not want to keep people alive only for the sake of it. He wants those people to be in top shape even if they are centuries old. De Grey stated that the main challenge will be the cardiovascular diseases, as they are the number one killer in the world.

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