Ibuprofen Can Protect Against Parkinson’s

One of the most common conditions which develop in older people is Parkinson’s disease. Even though there have been cases in which young people were affected, mostly it only strikes the old, as it is a degenerative condition, just like Alzheimer’s. In what concerns the treatment, there have been made many studies and a lot of research on the subject and there is still no cure found for the condition. However, there are some things that can make life with Parkinson’s a little better.

Furthermore, according to the latest research made on the subject, it seems that people can even prevent or at least delay the development of Parkinson’s disease. One way of doing so is by taking ibuprofen on a regular basis. It is known that ibuprofen is the principal compound in pills which are used as painkillers, such as Advil and Motrin. The best part about these ibuprofen pills is that people do not need a prescription for them, as they are sold over the counter.

Painkillers – Pros and Cons

Although for some people taking painkillers may be one of the best things, as it helps them relieve the pain. However, the benefits people can see after taking these painkillers are in contrast with the age, the overall health of the person and even the medical condition in which the person finds themselves at that moment. The risks through which some people might put themselves by taking painkiller may not be worth preventing anything.

However, there is still a good part to these painkillers. A study made a few years back showed clearly that some compounds in these painkillers, mostly the ibuprofen, had a lot to do with preventing Parkinson’s disease. The condition is a degenerative one, where particular brain cells die and are not able to recover. This latest study made on the issue suggests that taking 2 or 3 ibuprofen pills per week can do wonders in what concerns protecting your brain from Parkinson’s disease.

More studies to be made

Although the new discovery shows incredible perspective towards finding a way to relieve people from suffering with Alzheimer’s, there are many researchers who are quite skeptical about the findings of this new study and most of them seem to think that there is a huge need of further studies to be made on the issue before starting to advise people to take as much ibuprofen pills as they can. Furthermore, studies should be made so as to determine whether (if any) there are side effects to taking the painkillers so frequently.

Parkinson’s disease, together with Alzheimer’s diseases, is a degenerative condition which usually shows signs and symptoms in people over the age of 60. Studies have shown that usually men are more affected than women, but it is not mandatory. As mentioned, there have been very few cases where younger people suffered from the condition, but there were and this means that no one is fully protected against Parkinson’s and anything which shows a ray of hope for the people suffering from it should be taken into account.

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