Home Remedies that Work

Numerous people spend lots of money on various remedies which might not even be too good for them.  According to the experts, some of the over-the-counter health remedies which these people purchase are not even required, as the illnesses they suffer from can be cured with home remedies. However, these home remedies should not be taken without consulting the doctor because they might interact with the prescription medications.


Honey can be used in order to take care of cough, especially the one which appears during the night. Ian Paul, M.D., studied the effects of honey on more than 100 children. He also stated that honey could be used in order to reduce the coughs in the older adults who suffer from a cold. The reason why honey can be so great against coughing is because it can calm the irritated throat. Paul stated that honey can be used very often because it is safe and it does not cause any damage whatsoever. He stated that people should take two teaspoons per dose. However, people who suffer from diabetes should not take it because it has very high sugar content. Also, people might not suffer from a simple cough, and in that case they should go to the doctor.

Dish Soap, Ginger

Liquid dish soap can be excellent in case one got in contact with poison oak or poison ivy. One can avoid the itching red rash if he applies liquid soap on the area affected, but only within the first two hours after the contact. Adam Stibich, a dermatologist, was the one who made the discovery. Since liquid dish soap is used in order to remove oil from dishes, he wanted to see if it could remove the plant oil left behind by the poison ivy. The plant oil is the one which causes a rash.

Volunteers had to rub the poison ivy against their forearms, and then they had to wash the area with dish-washing soap. The reaction was prevented in 44 percent, and in the case of the other 56 percent, the inflammation was reduced.

There are lots of people who suffer from motion sickness or from nausea, and one of the best ways of taking care of this problem is ginger. According to various studies, if people take ginger one hour before surgery, the vomiting and the nausea following the surgery is reduced. It also seems that ginger is useful in the case of people who suffer from cancer and who undergo chemotherapy. In the case of these people, nausea is reduced by 40 percent. It seems that the best combination is taking powdered ginger together with anti-vomiting drugs. Some even recommend eating crystalized ginger, which can be easily found in supermarkets.

Ginger is also excellent against motion sickness, and people can take prior to traveling. However, the ginger extract capsules should be taken with care, as they are very strong, and they might affect the stomach. These are just some of the best home cures people can take.


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