Father Smokes, Kid Has High Risk of Leukemia

If you are an adult dad with a little child, you need to know that your smoking can cause serious problems and it can lead your little baby towards developing leukemia, the most common form of cancer discovered in little children. According to the most recent Australian study made on this issue, it seems that the paternal smoking is quite a risky thing, especially for little children.

Although the cancer (acute lymphoblastic leukemia, also known as ALL) the study talks about is still quite rare among children and even though the risks of children whose parents smoked have been overlooked so far, the study shows clearly that there is a distinct connection between the two.

Mother’s smoking behavior has nothing to do with the child’s problem

The results of the study seem to be quite clear and they only point towards the fact that only smoking dads can increase the risk of their children to develop ALL. In what concerns, the mothers, the researchers stated that there has not been seen any relation to the acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

However, parents should really consider cutting this habit out, as it is very bad and as it seems not only for their health. If the different types of cancer they might develop does not scare them away, the fact that their children may suffer from leukemia should.

Tobacco affects the sperm

From what the researchers said, the smoking mothers have no connection to their children ALL development, because the children were born being predisposed to develop the cancer. It is widely known that the quality of the sperm is affected greatly by the toxin in the tobacco, but there has been no connection made until now between smoking dads and cancer risks in children.

It seems that the quality of sperm is greatly affected and the spermatozoids that reach the ovule may be damaged and the child will surely be more predisposed to suffer from all sorts of conditions including cancer. If up until now mothers were highly prohibited to smoke during their pregnancy period, men should also consider quitting smoking if they decide to start having babies.

Aside of their smoking parents, little children are also greatly affected by other things in the environment. Some of these things are x-rays and even the paints or pesticides the mothers may have been exposed to during the period she was pregnant. Until now, there have been very few studies making a connection between smoke and serious problems in children and as it was said before, the relation between a smoking parent and a child suffering of cancer has been greatly overlooked, because people did not think that children could be affected as much.

Unfortunately, it becomes clearer and clearer that smoking is affecting the entire society and people should quit as soon as they can. There are many organizations which help people quit this nasty habit, but smokers also need to have the strength and the desire to quit, otherwise, they will not be able and they will still continue to endanger their lives and the lives of their dear ones.

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