Eye Problems Can Be Quite Costly for People over 40

It is widely known that people who have passed their first youth may experience vision problems. This is the main reason for which people who are passed their 40s usually wear glasses. It starts with a little blur in sight when you are watching TV and it can lead up to loss of sight if you do not look into it. The thing is that people cannot afford looking into their eye problems anymore, according to the most recent study on the matter.

What is a visual disorder?

Although it has a fancy name, visual disorder is the inability of seeing right. The thing with these visual disorders is that almost any person over their 40s experiences them and the downside of it all is that fixing these things can cost a fortune. According to the author of the said study, David B. Rein, almost everyone past this age in the United States of America suffers of visual disorders and treating or living with such conditions can be quite costly.

From what the study suggests, it seems that people all across the United States suffer from visual disorders such as cataract (which is one of the worst effects of diabetes), blindness, impaired vision and even age-related macular degeneration (also known as AMD). The thing is that people cannot afford spending as much money as it is required for treatment or for home nursing.

What did the researchers discover?

At the beginning of the study, David B. Rein and his colleagues have collected data regarding how much eye problems cost people since 2004 until present. What they found was that the costs where incredibly high and that people over the age of 40 could not afford seeing into their eye problems. It seems that the direct medical cost was estimated at about $16.2 billion, among which cataract required $6.8 billion, glaucoma required $2.9 billion, diabetic retinopathy cost $493 million, while AMD required $575 million and refractive error cost $5.5 billion.

These huge amounts of money are needed in order to treat people who are suffering from these conditions and for people over the age of 40, who are probably not able to work because of their sight problems anymore, things can be quite hard to deal with. From what Rein said, it seems that it is high time for the American people to start looking into the vision problems as soon as possible, because it seems that people in the United States of America are getting older and it is widely known that with old age appear the eye problems.

Rein concluded by saying that people should go to their ophthalmologists and have their vision checked on a regular basis, so as to prevent any type of condition which might appear due to old age or whatever reason. Given that most vision problems can be treated, AMD can be prevented and it would not require people to spend too much money on solving their eye problems. It is very important for people to prevent and treat their eye problems as soon as possible, so as to avoid spending too much money when it may already be too late.

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