Estrogen Applied to Skin Can Affect Baby Grandchildren

According to the most recent study made on the issue, it seems that creams women who are in their late 40s and early 50s use may affect their grandchildren’s health, especially if they are babies. The study was based solely on women who were during their menopausal period and who used a gel called Estradiol, which is actually a hormone gel to help women out cope better with the menopausal symptoms.

It seems that a woman who used the cream saw that her baby granddaughter had started to grow taller and heavier, but both she and the child’s pediatrician thought it was only because the girl was actually chubby. However, it seems that the girl had signs of early puberty, as the hormonal gel her grandmother was using affected her. The woman stated that she was applying the gel somewhere under her arm and that she did it once every two or three days and many hours before her granddaughter came to see her. Still, it seems that the hormones in the cream have affected the little girl.

Estradiol causing puberty in little children

From what scientist said, it seems that this particular gel called Estradiol is particularly bad for children and pets and from a warning of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) given back in 2010, it seems that this particular gel was highly affecting both children and pets and that women in their menopause period should make sure they wash the place where they put the cream very well before entering in contact with either a grandchild or a pet.

Moreover, it seems that the FDA warning also said that they were looking into finding whether this particular gel alone was affecting children. Given that there were many cases of premature puberty, where baby girls started growing breasts and little boys began to see somewhat of breast enlargement, the FDA tried to find out whether it was because of a combination of factors or only due to the Estradiol gel.

What you can do about it

The worst thing about the entire situation is that it is unknown whether or not the puberty which started in these little girls is reversible or not. Furthermore, given that the Estradiol manufacturers recommend women to put the gel under their upper arm, women who have grandchildren should make sure that they apply the gel when there is no child around or if there are, they should really stay away at a safe distance until you wash the gel away.

There are many things affecting our children and grandchildren and putting them through puberty at such an early stage of life can be quite dangerous. Therefore, you should make sure you always wash away the gel before entering in contact with a child or a pet or if you do, make sure you wash the area of the child you touched with a lot of soup. One way in which you could make things better is by switching to another hormone gel. However, the side effects of this other gel are not even worth trying.

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