Cancer Risk Still Higher for Vegetable Eaters

Although there have been made many studies on the issue of how fruits and vegetables can help the body keep cancer away, the most recent one seems to be suggesting that no matter how much veggies you eat, your overall cancer risk is not reduced.

According to this new study it seems that increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruits does nothing in reducing the cancer risks and from what the researchers involved in the study said, it seems that aside of the fact that smokers and obese people face the highest risk of developing cancer, there is no other scientific evidence showing that cancer can be prevented in any other way but by leading a healthier, non-smoking life.

The results of the study

A group of British researchers have made a new study trying to determine how the increase consumption of fruits and vegetables could help people reduce their cancer risk. What they did was to take about a million people and ask them to be part of several projects which were made expressly to check what connection, if any, was between the two aspects.

Unfortunately, according to Tim Key, an epidemiologist from Oxford University, it seems that for most people of the study the cancer risk still remained high even though they had increased their consumption of fruits and vegetables. According to Key, it seems that the connection between the two researched aspects is not relevant and it does not make any difference if people eat more fruits and vegetables, as their cancer risk is still high.

The theory according to which people who ate more fruits and vegetables had a lower risk of developing cancer was first formulated sometimes in the 1970s, when a small study was made on the issue and the researchers involved in that study seem to have reached the conclusion that people who are more veggies were less likely to develop cancer. This theory still concerned researchers who by the beginning of the 1990s had come forth with another theory saying that people who did not eat too many fruits and vegetables were at higher risk of developing cancer.

However, the studies made up until now did not take into account whether people were smokers or whether they lead a healthy life or not. Rather, they only based their assumptions on how much fruits and vegetables people ate.

What you can do to keep cancer away?

Although there are many theories regarding what people could do to keep cancer away, one seems to be more reliable than any other. This theory says that people should lead a healthier life. This means that people should not smoke anymore, they should eat healthier food and they should also control their alcohol consumption.

As you can imagine, anyone who is leading a healthy life is less likely to get sick or to develop any type of chronic condition. However, leading a healthy life can be quite costly and people may not have enough money to eat healthy. Still, cutting smoking and the alcohol consumption are two of the best things people do if they want to be healthy.

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