Are You Having Enough Milk?

Once people get over the age of 50, studies show that they start eating less and that is one of the worst things they could do. It is widely known that people over a certain age become more fragile and they can get injured easily and more often than younger people. This is the main reason for which people should have a healthy diet, which provides them with everything they need, from vitamins, to minerals and proteins.

The most recent study made on the issue shows that more and more people over the age of 50 have very low levels of calcium. It seems that people stopped eating milk and dairy products and they are more prone to suffer from conditions at the bone level. This seems to be one of the reasons for which there are so many people suffering from osteoporosis.

Calcium helps with osteoporosis

Maybe it is less known that having strong bones for a longer period of time helps when osteoporosis installs itself. The osteoporosis process begins at a very early age, but the symptoms are not visible and only after the age of 40 or 50 do people start to notice the fact that they have severe pain in their limbs.

There are many things people can do to live better with osteoporosis, as there has been no cure found yet. For instance, they can turn to alternative medicine so as to relieve the pain. Osteoporosis can create very much pain and there might be people who simply are not able to take it. Therefore, they start searching for help and when they discover that pills do not always work, they turn to alternative medicine.

The alternative medicine has become very popular in the past couple of years, especially due to the fact that people are more and more convinced about the fact that the results are shown quite quickly. It is true that alternative medicine can do wonders, but one thing that does not cost people a lot of money is increasing their calcium intake.

Eat more dairy products

Damaged bones are in great need of calcium and drinking a glass of milk a day may seem enough, but it is actually not. The average calcium intake of a person over the age of 50 is very low and the main reason for which this happens is because people do not eat as many diary products as they should. Although people may have an intake of about 600 mg of calcium daily, and even though that may seem as a lot, it is actually not, according to the lead researcher of the study.

The scientists involved in the said study warn people about the fact that they should increase their calcium intake and they need to do it fast. Although taking calcium supplements may be good for some people, they seem to be raising the risks of heart attacks and this is why they are regarded as dangerous and most people avoid them. Therefore, so as to make sure you have enough calcium, you need to start eating more diary products.

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