Are Cholesterol Drugs Life-Saving or Not?

High cholesterol is one of the main factors for which people end up suffering heart attacks or strokes and this is a very big issue with which people all over the world are confronted. Although there are a lot of pills people can take to lower their “bad cholesterol,” doctors usually recommend a change in diet and a little more exercise at first. However, the most recent study made suggests that doctors should prescribe to their patients medication such as Zocor, Lipitor, Pravachol or Crestor, as they are able to go wonderful things in matter of preventing these strokes and heart attacks.

Of course, as you can imagine, the question the British researchers who were involved in the study asked themselves was whether or not this type of medication could really save lives without too many side effects. As with anything else related to treatments, this sort of medication for high cholesterol can also be quite dangerous at times.

What are the risks?

The FDA urged back in June that people who had high cholesterol problems should most definitely not take big doses of these pills, as 80 mgs of Zocor, for instance, could lead to some serious muscle damage, which could lead to kidney failure and ultimately, to death. Moreover, it seems that people who took more pills were also at higher risk of developing diabetes than those people who took a lesser amount.

However, there are still many scientists which regard this type of medication as something which will help heal the world. From what they stated, it seems that the cholesterol drugs, called statins, are also quite effective when it comes to lowering people’s risks of rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cataract and even colorectal cancer. From their point of view, people should really ask their doctor’s advice in what concerns taking such statins for their high cholesterol, as they could do wonders.

Why you should take statins?

A clinical study which was made recently and which was dubbed JUPITER from “Justification for the Use of Statins in Primary Prevention,” followed some people around to see how statins helped them. For instance, they looked at people who had high levels of bad cholesterol and who also were more prone at suffering a heart attack.

According to what the researchers involved in this particular study said, it seems that people who were taking placebo during the trial were at a very high risk of dying and this seems to have been the reason for which the study was halted at a very early stage. Therefore, according to these scientists, it seems that these statins are quite effective in protecting people from dying and they also lower the cholesterol levels in our blood.

As you can imagine, medication is nothing without a healthy way of living. Therefore, you need to combine the medication with a healthy lifestyle and only then will you be able to see the amazing results. However, you should be really careful about how you take these drugs and you should also consult your doctor before taking any type of pills.

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