Alzheimer’s May Be Warded Off with Fish

Scientists all over the world have been struggling to find good ways of helping people with Alzheimer’s diseases. Not only does this condition affect people, put also their friends and family, who are in direct contact with them.

What is Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative condition, which usually occurs to people over the age of 65. This condition has become very popular in the past years, especially due to the increased number of people who suffer from it. Although there are more stages involved in Alzheimer’s, the condition can only be delayed. There is no cure found for this terrible disease that affects millions of people, at least no yet.

As already mentioned, throughout time scientists and doctors alike have strived to find a good way to help people who suffer from Alzheimer’s. There have been developed diets and exercises and all sorts of things in an attempt to allow people who suffer from this condition to lead a normal life. However, nothing seems to be able to put a stop to this terrible condition and people keep dying and suffering and there is nothing at all we can do about it.

There have been made many studies on how a good diet and a healthy way of life can help people prevent the condition. Still, if the genes of Alzheimer’s have already set in and the degenerative process has already started, there is nothing we can do about it, only delay it for a little while. Given that the condition affects the brain cells, making it impossible for them to regenerate, all the human function ultimately fail and the main cause of death in people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is lung failure.

What can be done about it?

As said, there are many things which people could do to either prevent or delay Alzheimer’s disease. Although it would be better for people to start protecting themselves from the condition when they are young, it is never late to start worrying about your diet and improving it.

The most recent study made on the issue has revealed the fact that Alzheimer’s may be warded off with the help of fish. That is right! It is widely known that omega-3 fatty acids have a lot to do with the health of the human brain and it seems that if you introduce fish into your daily diet, the risks of Alzheimer’s can decrease up to five times.

It is known that omega-3 fatty acids do a lot of good things for the brain. For instance, they aid the blood flow into the brain, delivering more nutrients and oxygen to the brain cell. Even more, omega-3 fatty acids also reduce inflammation in the brain and it can also highly protect against the buildup of amyloid plaques. These amyloid plaques are currently thought to be the ones responsible for the development of Alzheimer’s and if that is so, introducing fish in your daily diet can be one of the best things you do for your brain. According to the scientists who made the study, eating broiled or baked fish is the best way to keep Alzheimer’s away.

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