Age Discrimination Levels On the Rise

Discrimination is a serious issue, as it can greatly affect the ones who are discriminated against. People might be considered less intelligent, might be treated in a bad manner in various places, just because of the fact that they have a certain ethnicity, race, gender, disability, income, and so on.

Discrimination against old people on the rise

It seems that in the recent period of time, one of the “most popular” forms of discrimination is against the older people. A recent study revealed the fact that 63 percent of the older people who were included in it, stated that they were discriminated against. Ye Luo, a Clemson University sociologist, stated that 30 percent of those 63 percent,who were discriminated against, were mistreated because of their age. The percentage of people who were discriminated against because of their race, gender, disability, or ancestry was much lower. The news was pretty surprising, because it revealed the poor way in which we treat other people.

However, the experts stated that there are other reasons for concern, because in time, discrimination can cause bigger problems, such as a very poor self-rate, depression, and other health problems as well. Dr. Luo and her colleagues used data collected from the federal Health and Retirement Study in order to see what 6,400 people with the age of 53 + thought about discrimination. Dr. Luo stated that she wasn’t too surprised about the fact that such a large number of people stated that they were discriminated against, as she encountered this in past studies as well.

The researchers had certain expectations before the beginning of the study, regarding the people who were more likely to report being discriminated against. They were right. It seems that the black people, who were separated or divorced, and those who had a low income experience the highest level of discrimination. The married white people with a good income were the ones who least experienced discrimination.

Two years after the conduction of the study, people who experienced higher levels of discrimination, had a poorer health state. It seems that the biggest side-effects of discrimination were high levels of depression and a poor self-rated health state. High levels of depression could be troublesome, because it has been discovered that black people who suffer from depression, are less likely to be treated for it. The whites and the non-Hispanic get treated for depression much more often than black people do.

Reasons for discrimination

Dr. Luo said that it is very unfortunate that things such as these one happen. She also stated that it is very important for people to deal with them in the proper manner, and to try not to get too much bothered by them, even if it is very hard. The researchers are not sure about the reasons why these people are being discriminated against. It is unknown if they are discriminated against because of their age, their gender, weight, and so on.

Regardless of the reason, one thing is certain. Depression is not good for the health, especially when it comes to older people.

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