A Few Tips on Saving Your Eyesight

Numerous elder people have eye problems. They might not be able to see very well during the night, or they might have a difficult time reading. These are some very common age-related issues, and even if they are pretty difficult to cope with, people should not be terrified about them. There are certain things people can do in order to improve their eyesight as they get older.

In what follows I am going to provide you some information about the most common eye problems people experience when they get older.

Dry Eyes

Numerous people complain that they suffer from dry eyes. The reason why dry eyes occur, is because as people get older, the tears no longer have the possibility of keeping the eye wet. There are various things which can cause this condition, such as the excessive use of computers or ceiling fans, antidepressants, or blood pressure medicines. There are also people who suffer of lagophthalmos, meaning that their eyes do not close completely, especially when they sleep.

Luckily, the condition is easy to fix. If it is caused by medicines, you should ask the doctor to change it. If your tears are not “working well”, then you can take Restasis, which is a prescription drug which can fix the tears. People could also take antibiotics based on Tetracycline, or they can get surgery for the condition. In case you suffer from it, you should visit a doctor because the problem might also be caused by an infection, a blow to the eye, or even a tumor.

Night Driving, Peripheral Vision, Floaters

Another very common problem for the elder is the fact that they cannot drive during the night as good as they once could. There are various things why this could happen. They might be farsighted, nearsighted, or they might be astigmatic, meaning that their vision gets blurry because of an irregular curve in the cornea. This condition is pretty easy to fix, and it requires having the right glasses. However, this problem could also be caused by conditions such as diabetes, or in case one suffered a blow to the eye. It could also be caused by cataract, so it is advisable to rule that out.

There are many people who suffer from a loss of peripheral vision. It is caused by glaucoma, a disease which damages the optic nerve. In the majority of the cases, the loss of peripheral vision occurs when the optic nerve has been damaged completely. The condition cannot be treated, but the doctors advise to make sure that it does not get worse in time. Taking the right type of medicine, or having surgery, could help with this. It is very important to make sure that the next time when you go to the eye doctor, he will test if you suffer from glaucoma.

There are numerous cases when people see floaters in front of their eyes. Floaters are shadows cast by strands of protein in the jelly of the eye. They are not harmful, and they do not require treatment. However, if the number of floaters is very high, surgery will be required, because if not treated, the condition might lead to blindness.

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