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Women Suffering from Endometriosis

Endometriosis is concerned with the growth of some cells, similar to those cells found in the uterus, but they are now found somewhere outside the womb. This is a condition which usually affects women in their reproductive years and it seems that there are more than a million women suffering from endometriosis in the United States of America only.

First, we need to understand what the endometrial cells are. They are the cells which are shed every menstruation and which end up being stuck to parts outside the uterus. For instance, endometrial cells can be found in the vagina, on the Fallopian tubes and even on the ovaries. More often than not, these endometrial cells are nothing to be worried about, because they are benign. Even so, there are a lot of women who cannot conceive due to the fact that they have endometriosis.

What Are the Symptoms of Endometriosis?

The worst part of these endometrial cells is that they do not produce any sort of symptoms. There are some women who can feel a sort of pain in their pelvic area, but the symptoms are more often disregarded and attributed to some other cause.

There is one thing that can tell you you have endometriosis and that is you inability of getting pregnant. We have all heard about at least a couple who are doing their best to get pregnant and they can’t.

Chances are that the woman has to deal with endometriosis, considering the fact that there are more than a million women suffering from it, only in the United States of America.

The pelvic pain I was telling you about is usually felt during intercourse, during and before the menstruation, and even during urination. Therefore, if you are going through some serious pains whenever you are having intercourse or your menstruation, you should really check in with your doctor’s just for a check-up.

What Are the Treatments for Endometriosis?

The most common type of treatment for endometriosis is the one involving ibuprofen, a drug which is good for women who experience really big pains in their pelvic area.

This treatment improves the overall health state and it helps women cope better with their condition. Given that this is an anti-inflammatory type of drug, it will surely make the pain disappear quite quickly.

Considering the fact that most of the women experience endometriosis in their reproductive years, there may be a need for them to start taking contraceptives, so as to stop the hormone production of the ovaries, as they too are responsible for leading to this condition.

In any case, endometriosis is something very common and it should not scare anyone. It should, however, be kept under control, so as to make sure that women can also get pregnant and bear a normal pregnancy. There are rare cases when women have serious problems due to endometriosis, once they got pregnant.

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