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Women and the Burning Mouth Syndrome

Although it usually appears in older women, the burning mouth syndrome, also known as BMS, can also appear in younger females. The thing that you should be worried about is the symptoms, which only show up when the condition has already installed itself very well. This means that BMS appears early in life and it only shows signs when you start growing older.

BMS is a very painful condition which usually appears due to bad nutrition, allergies and other medical problems left untreated. BMS is a very frustrating condition, especially due to the pains and weird sensations felt in the mouth, on the tongue and on the palate and even lips.

Causes, Signs and Symptoms

Most well known and common symptom and sign which should alert you with regard to BMS is the sensation of burning mouth. Most people who suffer from burning mouth syndrome usually feel their mouth burning in the morning and the peak of this sensation has been reported to happen during the evening.

The sensation subsides during the night, but in the morning it is there again. Given that the pain felt due to the burning mouth syndrome is so intense, many people can even develop anxieties and depression and these two are other two signs which should make people think of BMS.

The causes of BMS are quite a few, considering that it can appear due to hormonal changes, poor nutrition, oral candidiasis, which is a fungal infection of the mouth appearing mostly due to antibiotics, conditions such as diabetes and many other.

The worst part is that, as I have already mentioned, even though it is characteristic to older women, who have already passed their menopause, there are high chances for younger ladies to develop the burning mouth syndrome and that because of the many things which can cause it.

Treatments for BMS

Depending on the cause of the burning mouth syndrome, each patient will surely have their own, personalized type of treatment. Mostly, these treatments consist of taking supplements, in people who have a poor nutrition, treating disorders left untreated, which can cause BMS, such as diabetes and even changing medication, if a certain type of drug give this sensation of a burning mouth.

There are some drugs which can be taken to relieve the symptoms of the burning mouth syndrome, to relieve the pain and to feel a little better, but all these drugs work only for short period of times.

The best thing you can do is to protect your mouth now, that you are still young and can do it without problems. Always keep an eye on your nutrition, on your conditions and make sure that you do not have allergies to anything a dentist may use to treat you for a certain condition in the mouth.

In any case, BMS is extremely painful and everyone should be aware of its symptoms and causes and try to avoid it.

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