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Which Sleep Disorders Are Dangerous

Most people have had nightmares as a child. For some, the fear during sleep can occur in real life in the form of some scary sleep disorder. Some of these sleep disorders are dangerous because of the risk that they present to those sleeping and their loved ones. Others such as terror or night Pavorcan could be literally frightening. Fortunately, most can be managed by a specialist and by following a night routine.

Below is a list of some of the most frightening sleep disorders and how they can be treated.

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Obstructive sleep apnea

What it is – One of the most common disorders, it is characterized by pauses in breathing while sleeping. Severe sleep apnea can cause irregular heartbeat, lack of oxygen to the brain and even death. In the long run, this increases the risk of hypertension, heart failure and stroke.

How can it be treated – Sleep apnea can be properly diagnosed by a specialist. Changing your lifestyle, such as losing weight and sleeping on your side, dental devices, surgery or use of a device that is designed to prevent continuous positive pressure on the airway, may be measures that will improve this condition.

Nocturnal Miclonia or REM sleep behavior disorder

What it is – People with REM sleep behavior disorder do various movements during sleep and act as in their dreams. Their behavior can be dangerous for both those affected and for the partner if the dream is violent.

How can it be treated – a drug called clonazepam is very effective in treating nocturnal miclonia. Melatonin and certain antidepressants may be prescribed in some cases. People suffering from this disorder should sleep in safe conditions to avoid hurting themselves or hurting their partner. For this purpose, sharp objects will be removed from the room possibly until the condition is under control.

Night Pavor or night terrors

What it is – much more intense than a regular nightmare, night terrors are common in children and can cause intense fear. The child is almost inconsolable and difficult to calm down. A night terror is not technically a dream, but a strong reaction to a child in transition from one stage of sleep to another. This usually occurs in two to three hours after the baby is asleep.

How can it be treated – The best solution is not to wake the baby, because they will be very disoriented. Instead, you can sit with your child; you could try to calm and hug them. To stop night terror, the child should decrease stress. The environment must be a quiet one; the child shouldn’t fall asleep at late hours and before bed to create a routine that includes soothing activities. In some cases, you may need drug therapy to treat night Pavor.


What it is – it is a sexual disorder in which people act sexually during sleep. In some cases, the subjects are masturbating, others have complete intercourse, and others engage in the mimicking of acts that they are not doing while awake.

How can it be treated – the environment in which the sufferer sleeps must be secure until the condition is managed. Treating other sleep disorders, eliminating drugs and alcohol abuse can also help. In some cases, medication is needed.


What it is – for people suffering from narcolepsy, sleep-wake cycles are abnormal, and this leads to involuntary falling asleep during the day. The patient may fall asleep within seconds or minutes. Episodes of narcolepsy can be extremely dangerous. For example, if a person accidentally falls asleep while driving a vehicle, their and others’ lives may be in danger. Narcoleptics may experience hallucinations, loss of muscle tone and paralysis during these attacks.

How can it be treated – the condition can be treated with drugs, but also through behavioral therapies.


What it is – People who suffer from sleepwalking can perform daily activities while asleep without remembering after they wake up. Sleepwalkers can talk, walk or even drive a car while sleeping. It is difficult to wake a sleepwalker because symptoms occur in the deep sleep phase.

How can it be treated – treatment is not necessary, usually because most people will overcome this behavior. However, the partners should take measures to prevent damage that could result from an episode of sleepwalking. Hypnosis can be a treatment. Sometimes medical treatment with anxiolytics can be useful.

Nocturnal eating disorders

What they are – people who eat when they sleep at night suffer from nocturnal eating disorders. These are considered both eating and sleep disorders. There are two types of eating disorders: nocturnal eating syndrome and sleep-related eating disorders. The main difference between the two sleep disorders is that those who suffer from night eating syndrome are fully aware of their actions and wake up with an uncontrollable desire to eat, and those who are diagnosed with sleep-related eating disorder are only partially awake and unaware they eat during sleep.

How can they be treated – Most often, physicians prescribe drugs to treat nocturnal eating disorders. The recommended drugs are designed to reduce the appetite and contribute to weight loss.

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