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What Health Risks Involves Hair Removal

Women endure all sorts of discomforts related to tuning the body, especially when it comes to removing hair from the skin. From waxing to the sugar one, there are several ways to have a smooth skin, free of hair. Also below the risks associated with each of these techniques.


Inconveniences that may accompany hair removal

– Shaving – One of the most common ways to remove hair from your skin is shaving, because it is fast, inexpensive and represents a rather simple way. However, if you shave the hair, it could grow under the skin and may irritate it. If you forget to change your razor blades or if they are rusted, there is a high probability that after shaving the skin gets infected and irritated. Folliculitis might also occur – an infection of the hair follicle caused by bacteria such asstaphylococci and fungi.

– Waxing – For this procedure a layer of wax is applied to the skin. Above it a resistant wax paper strip will be applied. After the wax has dried, one end of the tape will be pulled, pulling the hair from the root. Depending on the area where hair is made, the technique can be extremely painful. Waxing can cause irritation and inflammation. In addition, if wax is not removed in time, there is a risk of burning the skin. If the skin is not stretched enough when removing the wax strips, bruising may occur locally.

– Sugar hair removal – This method is similar to waxing, the difference being the wax replaced with a cold or lukewarm mixture consisting of sugar, water and lemon juice. Following the procedure, you may experience less redness, pain and swelling than regular waxing. As the mixture is prepared from natural ingredients, it will cause less irritation and wash with ease. If your skin is not stretched when the strips are removed, bleeding could occur. Just as with waxing, hair may grow under the skin or folliculitis may occur.

– Hair Removal Cream – If you are afraid to be waxed, but do not want to remove the hair every day, the use of a depilatory creams could be an option. Depilatory creams or gel is applied to the skin in order to facilitate separation of the hair. Chemicals released by some depilatory creams can irritate the skin causing burns, redness, swelling, blisters or rash.

– Hair removal with a thread – It is used today mainly on the face. A thin type of thread is twisted and then walked along the skin. The thread will be removed suddenly from the face and the hair will be snatched. Because no chemicals are used, it is a perfectly natural to get rid of unwanted hair. Unlike waxing or depilatory creams the skin will not be burned or irritated. The process is fast, but involves pain. Redness and swelling might occur. Hair growing under the skin could be a side effect.

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