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Trouble Sleeping? Find out WHY!

Lack of sleep not only ruins your day, but can also ruin your health.

Too many lost nights, will provoke serious problems to your mental state, social life and many more.

We must have plenty of rest, still, sometimes we have troubles sleeping.

We hope this article helps…

Here are some of the most common problems and their reasons.

Going to sleep very late at night

The next day you wake up hard and tired. The main culprit is modern life that no longer allows your body to follow nature signals.

Normally, your body would be ready for sleep when it gets dark outside.

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But this internal clock is messed up by artificial light that plays tricks on your mind, making you believe the Sun is still up on the sky.

Our first advise, as funny as it may seem, is to pretend you are a vampire, stay away from bright light and use a low-light lamp. Yes, your mind will be tricked.

Of to sleep now!

You twist in bed all night

If you are still reading this, then it seems you really have trouble sleeping. That`s okay, we have plenty more tricks in order to get this fixed.

If you twist in bed all night, you either dream you are dancing on the Titanic, or more likely, need to blame the heat.

Normally, body temperature increases and decreases during the night. If the night is too warm in your bedroom, you may wake up often and twist from side to side.

Better get up from bed and open a window to assure a quiet night sleep.

Also, make sure you wear something `light` and most important, be convinced you won’t have workers coming in the morning for a random job at your window.

Temperature is very important for a good night sleep.

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You hardly wake up

The fault is a lack of regular sleep schedule.

An hour before the moment you wake up, your body begins to prepare for another day, stopping the secretion of certain hormones and starting secretion for other ones.

This is somehow harder to explain…

For everything to go smoothly, your body must know when it is time to wake up.

If you open your eyes sooner or later than usual, you pull your body out of his routine, which bedevil the internal clock.

If do not want this to happen, your must set up a sleep program and comply with it every day, including weekends.

You are tired all day, although you have enough sleep

trouble sleepingWhen you think at sleeping, you must understand that it matters not just quantity but quality of it.

One of the factors that can ruin your rest is sleep apnea syndrome.

This occurs especially at overweight persons and is manifesting by stopping your breathing for a few seconds.

You can wake up a dozen of times a night. The only way to escape this problem is to consult a doctor as treatments may vary.

Nightmares wake you up

We all have bad dreams from time to time, and this can not be prevented.

However, if you often have nightmares and wake up plenty of times, then stress is probably guilty.

Try to relax more and make your evening a routine. Have a nice bath at the end of each day, drink a glass of milk or do anything you like most. Do not take your problems to bed..

These are the most important tips we have considered worth mentioned, we also have other great articles for dark circles, night beauty tricks and many, many more.

If you have other ideas, make sure you leave a comment below.

Nighty night! 🙂

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