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Tricks to Get Rid of Bunions

There are many women who have bunions, those little deformities at the base of the big toe, which can create pain and lead to disability. According to a study conducted by the Arthritis Care & Research, more than one in three adults has at least one bunion over the course of his life.

It has been suggested that bunions are hereditary, and that if someone in your family has them, you have high changes of getting them as well. It has also been stated that they are caused by external factors as well, such as wearing shoes with high heels.

Who gets bunions?

It seems that besides causing discomfort when wearing shoes, the bunions can cause pain in other regions of the body as well. Many people with bunions have complained of pains in the foot, low back, knee, and hip. In some of the cases the pain was so high, that people could no longer perform their daily activities.

Anyone can get bunions, but it has been discovered that women have twice the chances of getting them, than men do. On top of that, it seems that the odds of developing bunions increase with age. This means that women over the age of 60 have the highest chances of developing bunions.

The more severe the bunions are the bigger the pain and the discomfort got. It seems that both the mental and the physical functioning of these people is affected, as the life quality really suffers because of the bunions.

People who have bunions will have troubles with balance and gait, and will have higher chances of falling, especially if they are old. On top of that, there is the shoe problem, as these people have troubles finding proper footwear.

It is unknown why some people have bunions whereas others do not, but it has been discovered that almost 90 percent of the people who have them report a family history. This means that some feet are more susceptible to bunions than others are.Tricks to Get Rid of Bunions

What can you do about bunions?

People with bunions can develop muscle and tendon problems in time, especially later in age. According to the doctors, the best option would be to have surgery, especially if the bunions are very painful.

Bunions left untreated can lead to all sorts of pains and problems, which will only get worse in time. As the deformity gets bigger, it is harder to correct it. There are cases when surgery does not completely solve the problem. Even after the bone is removed, people still have pains.

Up to 15 percent of the people who undergo surgery, still experience pain afterwards, and 30 percent of the patients still have troubles wearing the shoes they would like to wear.

The problem is that the bunions can come back after surgery, and that happens pretty often. The best option would be to wear shoes which do not cause pain. The proper shoes will eliminate the pain, and it will simplify things a lot. Treat bunions smart!

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