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Treating Those Nasty Migraines

It is a very well known fact that women suffer from migraines more than men do, as a matter of fact, women are 3 times more likely than men to suffer from those terrible headache that never seem to stop.

The main reason for which this happens is because women tend to get stressed more easily and they are also a little more fragile than man. This being said, let’s see what the symptoms of a migraine are and how you can treat it or at least prevent it.

What is a Migraine and What Symptoms Does It Have?

A migraine is a terrible headache which is felt only in a certain part of the head. The pain caused by a migraine can last from 4 to 72 hours and any sound or powerful light can increase it.

While boys are known to have more migraines than girls, after puberty girls tend to experience them more than boys. In what concerns the adult life, men are 3 times less likely than women to develop migraines and that makes it even worse for the ladies to cope with the migraines, especially as they are more powerful once we age.

The symptoms of a migraine consist of severe headaches, which appear and disappear at certain periods of times. Although the duration of a migraine can vary greatly from 4 to 72 hours, the pain is not constant and that makes it even worse to deal with it. A migraine consists of four phases.

The first phase is the prodrome phase, which alerts the woman she is going to have a big migraine in the next days by making her depressive, sleepy and constipated, most of the times.

The second phase is called the aura phase and it usually affects the neurological and sensory effects, it can even trigger a headache.Treating Those Nasty Migraines

The third phase is called the pain phase and, as it name suggests, it is the phase during which the woman feel the pain of the headache. This type of pain can last for 72 hours.

The last phase is called the postdrome and some women have even said this is the time in which they feel like they have problems while thinking, cognitive problems and also mood changes.

What Can You Do to Prevent Migraines?

As you can see, migraines are a really awful thing and you will have to do something about it as soon as possible. Although there are no drugs which can make things a lot better, there are some things you can do to prevent migraines.

One of these things is improving your lifestyle, engaging in more exercises and trying to go to therapy. Therapy usually helps with relieving pain, therefore if you have already experienced such a thing, you should probably take a stand and do something about it.

Migraines can create a lot of problems and the only way you can prevent them from appearing is by leading a healthier lifestyle.

Eating healthier and doing more exercises will most definitely help you dealing with your migraine problem.

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