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Treating Diseases with Lemon Juice

We know that lemonade or lemon juice is a refreshing drink at any time of day. Modern research has broadened the possibilities of using lemon. It was found for example that lemon essential oil is very effective for treating colds. Lime juice with sugar and water is one of the best drinks that can be consumed when a person has a fever. Sugar can be replaced with honey.

Because the fruit is low in sodium, it can be used as flavoring for the missing salt diets. Pulp resulting from juicing has beneficial effects on the skin and can relieve symptoms of insect bites and stings. If you add equal parts of perfume and glycerin, the mixture can be used for maintaining the skin beauty of the hands.


Diseases that can be treated with lemon

– Urinary Infections – Lemon juice has a slightly alkaline effect on the body and helps restore the normal pH of urine.

– High blood pressure – potassium in lemon juice helps regulate the body fluids and the magnesium relaxes arteries. Lemon juice contains flavonoids, known nutrients for maintaining healthy blood vessels. The effect of lemon juice for hypertension is similar to that of inhibitors for angiotensin converting enzyme.

– Varicose veins – Lemon juice can act as a venous tonic that strengthens, tightens and has an anti-inflammatory effect on vein walls. Foot massage can be done with a mixture of two drops of lemon, two of lavender and three drops of essential oils of cypress, along with two tablespoons of sweet almond oil or other moisturizer.

– Indigestion and heartburn – Lemon juice makes fried foods more digestible because its acids emulsify fats. Lemon juice and pulp are broken down in the body to manufacture potassium carbonate which helps reduce stomach acid. For this purpose, drink a mixture of one tablespoon of lemon juice to a glass of warm water.

– Cough – The effect of lemon juice is known for its role in combating cold symptoms. To relieve cough drink homemade lemonade or two tablespoons of flaxseed powder, add half a lemon sliced and cook in half a liter of water for 20 minutes. Then sip the mixture and sweeten it with honey.

– Psoriasis – Experts have found that the citric acid in the lemon juice relieves symptoms of psoriasis, helps skin retain water and stimulates exfoliation of dead cells. Apply lemon juice over specific psoriasis crusts several times a day and then the skin is exposed to sunlight for several minutes a day, increasing the time of exposure over several weeks.

– Constipation – Lemons are rich in pectin, a type of fiber that forms a gel that facilitates intestinal peristaltic movements. Lime juice can be beneficial to anyone’s health, especially in cold periods. Vitamin C is vital for strengthening the immune system. Lemon juice is recommended for prevention and treatment of various diseases, such as colds, flu, recurrent ear infections. Due to the high content of vitamin C, researchers have linked the consumption of lemons with a decreased risk of death from cancer and cardiovascular problems.

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