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Too Hot Outside? Top 30 Things you Must do!

We all love summer, of course we do. Still, sometimes temperatures go over 30 degrees Celsius and things start to get really HOT!

Heat becomes our number one enemy and we all need a list as the one we prepared today for you. Too Hot Outside? These are 30 Things you Must do!

Hydration is essential during hot weather. The best thing for your body is water, so make sure you always have a bottle on your hand.

1. Wear loose clothing, comfortable, made of natural fiber (cotton, linen, silk), preferably in open shade.

2. If you know you sweat profusely, choose shirts with print, not unite, as the simple ones emphasize the sweat stains.

camping equipment

3. During a heat wave, hydration is very important, so drink plenty of fluids – water, unsweetened tea or juices. Avoid alcohol as it dehydrates your body.

4. Do not adjust the air conditioning at a temperature of more than 5 degrees Celsius below the ambient. If outside we have 30 ° C, set it to 25 ° C.

5. If you do not have air conditioning, use a fan to cool the room where you sit or work. However, do not place yourself in direct contact with the cold air, as you risk getting a head ache or neuralgia!

6. Before going out, make sure you do not miss a pair of sunglasses with UV protection.

7. Protect your head with a sun hat, a hat or scarf so you would not get sunburn.

8. If you plan to be in a direct contact with solar rays for more than 30 minutes, get an adequate protection factor cream for your particular skin type.

9. Avoid, if possible, leaving your house during a hot day, between 11.00 and 15.00. If you do not have a choice, try walking under tree shades, etc, or use an umbrella.

10. Do not drink high-caffeine (coffee, cola) or sugar (soda) drinks, as these are diuretics and dehydrate you.

11. Keep windows on the sunny side closed and curtains drawn to prevent heat enter your house from outside.

what is a dehumidifier 12. During summer, the humidity makes the air in your home even hotter.

To maintain a pleasant temperature in your home, the easiest way is to buy a dehumidifier.

I own the one you see in the right, and I truly recommend it! Click on it for more information.

13. Take frequent showers with warm water. To get cool, literally, sprinkle yourself with water from time to time. The water should be at a room temperature.

14. Use shower gels and shampoos based on mint, which will help you chill.

15. Avoid excessive effort, especially if it takes place outdoors. If you do sports, you should practice it at night.

16. When you are driving, keep your car window open or air conditioning on to prevent drowsiness.

17. Use as little as you can, the stove and other appliances! Their use will further increase the temperature in your house.

18. Do not let children or pets locked in the car! Even in the cooler days, air can become unbreathable inside a car because of the Sun.

19. Drop powerful Perfumes and choose the ones with floral or fruit flavors.

20. Wear comfortable shoes that let your foot breathe. Some low heel sandals would be ideal. For men, leather shoes should be replaced with some cloth or with shoes that have cutouts.

21. Use thermal water spray to cool your face of.

22. Take a fan with you or a notebook that you can use as a fan. If you do not have fans, become popular and you will get plenty of these.

woman enjoying herself23. Do not get angry! High temperatures are an additional stress your body must face. If you plan having both, you will have a very hot summer waiting.

24. Rest during the day for an hour, if possible, after lunch, but do not sleep. Sleep in a stifling heat makes you more harm than good.

25. Wash your hands more often! Risk of contamination by germs and diseases is higher during summer.

26. Drink water only from safe, sanitary authorized or verified in terms of drinkable sources.

27. Do you own pets? Change their drinking water several times a day.

28. Cool yourself once a day with 1 ice cream, and if you do not want to gain weight, drink lemonade with mint leaves.

29. If you go to the beach, or in any other places that involve long exposure to sun rays, do not use any makeup or other cosmetics, as these may easily cause burns and irritation.

30. Hydrate your skin using cream after every shower and do not immediately expose it to the Sun. Wait 30 minutes before going out.

Plain water is better than the “bubbly” one

If you do not drink tap water and prefer mineral water, choose a simple one and not carbonated.

Plain water contains magnesium and calcium and has therapeutic properties in digestive disorders, respiratory and kidney problems and calcium assimilation.

In contrast, carbonated water can cause bloating and cramps of the digestive problems.

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