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The Unseen Face of Plastic Surgery

Each of us tried, at a moment in time, to embellish our look. However, all our actions in this sense had a limit. It is well known that beauty has a price.

What price are you willing to pay?

If a few years ago we were amazed to read in magazines about celebrities who had plastic surgeries, at the moment, if a neighbour or office colleague has made such an intervention, there is no longer a reason to exclaim „WOW’.

Nubian noses, increased breast, voluptuous lips, flat stomach – giving the impression of long years of hard work at the gym – all these artifices appear more and more often before our eyes, as something totally normal.

But, what makes women to endure the torments of plastic surgery?

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Plastic surgery

Sometimes, women seem to be more courageous when they have to jump on the surgery table than when they have to talk about the physical, mental or emotional impact that they felt after awakening from anesthesia and left the hospital bed.

Plastic surgeries give the impression to be a modern alternative to the dream of becoming beautiful and famous, therefore happy. It seems that more and more people associate beauty with happiness– and to be more specific, with physical beauty.

This is the reason why many try to rise from the ranks making use of their appearance. The pioneers were the celebrities who weren’t afraid to appeal to plastic surgery and recognize it.

Not to mention the cases in which the plastic surgery became a hallmark for them. The admiration for recognizing the fact that the human body is not perfect, but it is ok to want to achieve perfection, led to a great number of people, especially women, to wish for such a “body up-grade”.

A fragile self-confidence, the need to be admired by the others, the inferiority complex, social pressure – al these factors can lead to such a decision. It is true, in many cases, that the psychologist and esthetician surgeon go hand in hand.

However, it has been demonstrated that if the patient would first make a visit to the psychologist cabinet, it would be possible for him not to end up on the surgeon’s table.

The psychologists embrace the idea of self-acceptance. Unfortunately, many people become patients of psychology cabinets after undergoing a plastic surgery.

The remodeling of one’s body seems to be a good method to succeed in life, or at least that is the opinion of some people.

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Before and after a breast implant

The statistics have shown that 75 % of those undergoing a plastic surgery are women who try to lose weight, increase their breast size or modify the shape of their nose.

What many people do not understand is that plastic surgeries are not for everyone.

The psychological testing done before every such intervention should be performed by all the people who wish to make a change in their appearance.

On the other hand, plastic surgeries are welcomed when one has to correct a “defect” which is the cause of an inferiority complex.

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Pieces of beauty?

There are many cases in which a plastic surgery represents an important step in achieving a normal life.

From another point of view, who says that plastic surgeries do not hurt, lies with capital “L”.

The trauma felt after the anesthesia effect passed is generally of enormous proportions – but of course, this varies from person to person.

The recovery period is difficult because there are also other factors, such as the healing time and the pain felt by everyone.

Regarding the silicone implants, the pain is almost unbearable. The skin is stretched to the maximum, especially in the case of women with small breast.

After the surgery, you can only sleep on your back and effort or sudden movements are prohibited for a month or more, depending on the situation.

Most of the times, assistance is needed for actions such as showering or dressing. As for liposuction, besides the risks associated with any surgery, it is not that alarming.

For every 100.000 patients, the risk of death is around 3 people. Generally, if you follow the physician recommendations, massage the belly and wear a corset there shouldn’t be any problems.

Liposuction represents the process of extracting body fat from areas as the chin, neck, cheeks, abdomen, hips, thighs or calves. It is intended for those who have certain fat deposits in different areas of the body.

If the amount intake is high, asymmetries are likely to appear, but they can be easily corrected in only six months after the surgery. However, liposuction does not eliminate cellulite!

In any case, beauty is an abstract notion and only when we are at peace with ourselves we will be entirely happy and satisfied.

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