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The Intimate zone : How to protect it during holiday

The Intimate zone : How to protect it during holiday

Not just the skin, hair or eyes should be protected during your holiday at the seaside or somewhere in the mountains. The intimate zone is equally important. A simple „cold” is sufficient to ruin your holiday. Therefore, it is important to take care of your body so that you can enjoy every minute dedicated to relaxation and fun. So, what should you do?

Shower as often as possible

This piece of advice might seem trivial. But it is possible that, after a night in the club or a special one spent on the beach, you just want to slam into bed and sleep – totally forgetting about taking a shower.

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Take care of your intimate zone

Thus, go to your hotel room just when you feel that you have a little bit of energy left to take a short shower. Do not use harsh soaps, perfumes, deodorants or aftershave ( a spray for the intimate areas, for example, can cover an unusual odor that should send you to the gynecologist’s office). Washing up rule is mandatory after sex (even if you used a condom).

Use only your personal towel

Your towel should be as personal as your comb or your toothbrush. Do not borrow it. Do not leave it on sight if you know that you have roommates who could use it. The towel should always be dry before usage. A wet towel can create an excellent environment for bacteria.

Depilation – a delicate procedure

Before going on a holiday you don’t want to have any hair on your face, legs or intimate zone. It is recommended that the hair removal to be made a few days before the departure. In this way, the irritated skin has sufficient time to recover. Immediately after the depilation apply a calming lotion.

Drop out synthetic materials

Swimsuits, regardless of shape or colour, must have one element in common : cotton. It is also advisable to at least two swimsuits with you on your trip as to use a different one every day. If you do not have this possibility, wash your swimsuit daily with mild detergent and rinse it thoroughly so that there won’t be any traces of detergent left on it.

Don’t wear a wet swimsuit a long period of time

After leaving the beach, if you have just taken a swim in the sea, you shouldn’t wear your wet swimsuit for a long time, especially if the water is cold. If the swimsuit does not dry itself easily, you should change it rapidly. Humidity helps bacteria to develop in the intimate zone – an infection being the next step to follow.

No sex on the beach

Even if it is fine and soft, the sand can be the main enemy of sex on the beach. Reasons? Night can be cold and sand even colder. In addition, wounds that can be caused by sand represent an official invitation for bacteria. Not to mention that some sand in the condom would make a night of romance a small tragedy. Therefore, you should better put in your bag a light blanket.

Change the tampon as often as possible

The internal tampons can become sometimes dangerous. But at the seaside, on the beach they represent a good choice for many women. If you choose to use them, remember that they must be changed every 3 hours. Before and after using a tampon, you must always wash your hands.

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