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Taking Care of Depression Part 1

Depression is a very common illness, which affects millions of people worldwide. The symptoms of depression can become very distressing, as they can interfere with one’s daily activity. The treatment for depression involves taking antidepressant medicines and psychological treatments as well (talking).

What is depression, and which are the symptoms?

Many people say that they are depressed, when they actually aren’t. You might feel blue because of a certain thing, but you recover very soon. It is considered that one suffers of depression, when he has a low mood for each day in the past two weeks or more. It has been discovered that 2 in 3 adults suffer from depression at one point in their life.

Sometimes it can last for weeks, other times for months. 1 in 4 women will suffer of depression which needs treatment, whereas only 1 in 10 men will experience this kind of depression.

Depression has various symptoms, which can be easily recognized. The majority of the people know when they suffer of depression, but there are also people who do not know that they are depressed. They realize that something is wrong, but they do not know that they suffer of depression. There are some key symptoms which people should identify.

Taking Care of Depression

Taking Care of Depression

In the majority of the cases a depressed person will have very low moods, and will not care about activities or pleasure. Usually, they will be indifferent to things which they used to enjoy.

There are some common symptoms as well. People might develop sleep problems. Some people might not be able to fall asleep, while some people might sleep too much. Usually, depressed people lose weight because they do not care about food and eating.

There are cases when one eats too much and puts on weight. People can also be agitated, and without energy. They might find it very difficult to concentrate on things, on very easy tasks. They might have a difficult time reading, working, and so on.

There are also cases when people feel useless and guilty or something. Some of these people obsessively thing about death and dying. They are not afraid of dying, but they think about it very often.

Some people might think about the importance of their life, believing that no one will care if they die. Some depressed people might consider suicide, and some of them do it.

Who can develop depression?

There are various things which might cause depression, but the exact cause is unknown. Anyone can become depressed, but some people are more prone to it than the others. The symptoms could develop suddenly, even if you do not have any worries.

Because of this, it is believed that genetics might be involved in the triggering of depression. Depression could also be triggered by an external factor, such as a loss, or relationship breakup, and so on.

It is a downward spiral; you might feel blue, and lose your job in the meantime, which makes you become even more depressed. Women are the ones who get depressed more than men. They usually get depressed after they give birth, and after they reach menopause.

In the next article I am going to present you some treatment methods for depression. You can read the second part of this article by clicking on Taking Care of Depression Part 2


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