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Staying Away from HIV

In the 1980s, the entire world was in shock when they saw just how many people died from AIDS. This is a terrible condition, which appears after someone gets the HIV virus. Everyone in the world knows what this type of condition is about and most of us are trying to protect ourselves from getting the virus.

As you probably know, the virus can be contacted through sexual intercourse or through blood transfusions, but the worst part is that there is no cure for it yet. For more than 30 years, specialists have been trying to find something to stop the virus from spreading, but unfortunately they did not get to do much about it.

Who’s at Risk?

The worst part is that everyone who is sexually active or who works in the field of HIV researchers, drug addicts and other such people are prone to get the virus. Unfortunately, even though the researchers have developed a drug which has shown to improve and prolong the life with AIDS, there has not been found a cure yet and, eventually, anyone suffering from AIDS will die.

Women who are planning to get pregnant should most definitely get screened for HIV, as should anyone, really.

Early screening and detection of the virus is a lot more helpful than it was back in the day, because there are these drugs now which can implement life in such a way, that people may not even know someone is suffering from AIDS.

There are numerous people who have developed this condition after they were infected with HIV. There are, however, people who got the virus and who did not develop AIDS.

The virus can be transmitted through sexual intercourse, unrelated to its nature. Be it oral, vaginal or anal sex, both men and women can transmit the virus from one to the other. This is the main reason for which people should always use protection when they are not in a serious relationship or when they have more than one sexual partner at once.

How to Prevent the Virus from Spreading

The best way of preventing the virus from spreading is through abstinence. It is better for people to not engage in intercourse until they do not get screened.

If abstinence is something people cannot do, is better to use latex protection, such as the very well-known condoms. They protect people very well and they prevent the virus from spreading to one person to the other.

Another way you can prevent the virus from spreading is by taking care of your toothbrush, razor or needles. These are items which should not be shared among people, regardless of how much you love each other. It is better for each partner to have their very own razor and toothbrush and to avoid sharing them.

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