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Stay Two Steps Ahead of Allergy Season


After a very long and cold winter, many Americans are excited for Spring to finally arrive. However, for millions of Americans suffering from asthma, hay fever or other chronic allergy disorders, the arrival of Spring is not all clear skies and pretty flowers. Spring also comes bearing gifts of a more troublesome kind; pollen.

To complicate things further, many people are noticing their symptoms worsen every year and their usual means of treating it are becoming more expensive and harder to obtain. The United States Environmental Protection Agency recently released a report concerning the effect’s of climate change on aeroallergens. The report provides evidence showing “increases in temperature, carbon dioxide, and precipitation tend to favor the proliferation of weedy plant species that are known producers of allergenic pollen.” Furthermore, the report estimates that Americans suffering from Asthma and/or Hay Fever are spending $12.5 and $6.2 billion dollars, annually, on the medications they need to combat these conditions!

Staying ahead of the problem is the number one way to combat it says Dr. Clifford Bassett, the Medical Director of Allergy and Asthma Care Center of NY. In an article for Dr. Oz, Dr. Bassett outlines a number of easy tips to avoid too much unnecessary contact with pollen. Dr. Bassett stresses allergy sufferers should start medications prior to outbreaks for optimal effect on combating symptoms, “you may actually need less if started before peak allergy season.”

It is all well and good to know how to combat allergies, so long as you have access to the medications required to do so. Unfortunately, many Americans suffering from allergies range from young adults or retired – most do not qualify or have access to the insurance required to afford prescription medications, such as Singulair, which help prevent Asthma attacks and allergic reactions from pollen.

Many Americans are left without the means to afford the usual prescription costs are looking north for a solution to their problem. With the ever-increasing costs of medical care, many allergy sufferers have decided to buy Canadian Singulair from online Pharmacies where pricing is more affordable.

Some are justifiably wary of online scams, but a reliable Online Pharmacy Checker tool provides reviews and data on many online Canadian pharmacies which have met or exceeded the expectations of U.S. inspections. Many of these, such as and are certified online pharmacies which operate exactly as any brick and mortar pharmacy would in the United States. The pharmacies deliver the medicine directly to your door for a fraction of what you would normally pay, and require a doctor’s prescription for any medication which is not over the counter.

It is important to consult with your doctor before beginning any regimen of prescription medication. To be sure you are purchasing medication from a reputable pharmacy, ask yourself these two questions: does the pharmacy require a prescription for prescription strength medicine and are their payment methods secured by a reputable third party such as PayPal or buySAFE?

With the proper knowledge and preparation you can have a fantastic Spring free from the worries of the dreaded “Allergy Season!”


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