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Smoking Risks Increase in Time

Cigarette smoking is one of the most damaging “pleasures”, and it is the greatest cause of premature death and illness in numerous countries of the world. Smoking is very harmful, and stopping this activity is very useful for the health.

Half of the Smokers Die of Smoking-Related Diseases

More than 100,000 people die yearly because of smoking, in the United Kingdom alone. It has been discovered that 50 percent of the smokers die because of various smoking-related diseases.

A life of a smoker is shortened with ten years in comparison to the one of a non-smoker. The earlier one starts smoking, the higher are the odds for that person to die from a smoking-related disease.

Many of the illnesses caused by smoking do not cause death fast; one can suffer for years until he/she dies. Smoking increases the chances of developing certain diseases.

The good news is the fact that people can quit smoking, and that has lots of advantages. In case people quit smoking in middle age, before developing a disease such as cancer, they can avoid the high risk of death caused by smoking.

Smoking Risks Increase in Time

Smoking Risks Increase in Time

All over the world, the number of people who smoke is declining. People now have the option of getting help in case they want to quit smoking, as there are numerous centers where they can go.

Cigarette Smoke Contains Harmful Chemicals

The main reason why smoking is so dangerous is because the smoke contains various chemicals which are hazardous for the health. Nicotine is one of the elements found in the cigarettes.

It is a drug which stimulates the brain, and when the level of nicotine is reduced from the body, people will experience withdrawal symptoms, similar to the ones experienced by people who use drugs: anxiety, irritability, hunger, and so on.

Because of this, most smokers need to smoke very often in order to maintain the high levels of nicotine.

The tar from the nicotine is very dangerous, as it gets into the blood vessels, and then it is carried in other parts of the body. There are more than 4,000 chemicals in the smoke, and more than 50 of them cause cancer.

The cigarettes also contain carbon monoxide, which affects the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. When a woman is pregnant and smokes, the carbon monoxide will prevent the baby from receiving the proper oxygen levels. There are various diseases caused by smoking.

Lung cancer is the most dangerous of them all. In UK, around 30,000 people die of lung cancer each year. In the United States of America, the number is around 100,000 people.

Worldwide is of 1,4 million people. 8 in 10 cases of lung cancer are smoking related. Smoking also causes heart diseases, which kill millions of people worldwide. In UK, each year around 120,000 people die of heart diseases many of them being caused by smoking.

Smoking also causes blood circulation problems, sexually related ones, and many others. People can quit smoking if they have the will, and if they do it, they will see the benefits.

After only 72 hours since quitting, the breathing is easier. As said, Smoking Risks Increase in Time!

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