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Treating Sleeping Problems While Having a Baby

Loss of sleep is a very big problem for the people who have a baby. In the majority of the cases, the parents sacrifice everything for their child, sleeping being one of those things.

The problem is that a prolonged lack of sleep could lead to various health problems which should not be ignored. There are certain things people can do in order to manage the lack of sleep.

The lack of sleep can affect you in various manners. The biggest side effect of missing good hours of sleep is the fact that fatigue accumulates in the body.

As a result, the fatigued person will find it very difficult to maintain focus on certain things. During sleep, the brain gathers the information accumulated over the day.

If this information is missing, memory gaps will occur, and in time, people will find it difficult to complete certain tasks. People could also start feeling dizzy if they do not get enough sleep.

 What to Know about Your Baby’s Sleep

In case you did not know, the sleeping pattern of an infant is very different in comparison to the one of a grown up. For example, in the first three months of a baby’s life, 80 percent of the sleep will be in REM. That is the part of the sleep where dreaming occur. In the case of an adult, only 20 percent of the sleep will be in REM.

In the case of the babies, the sleep has cycles of 50 minutes. A sleep cycle of an adult lasts 90 minutes. This is the main reason why babies fall asleep easily, wake up very fast, and they have sleep “schedules” of 3 or 4 hours, regardless if it is day or night. When the baby is awake, the parent needs to be awake as well. Treating Sleeping Problems While Having a Baby

In some cases, you will need to feed him, in others to comfort him. This means that during the night you will most likely need to wake up at least two times.

This will tire you very much, and the main reason for that is the fact that an interrupted sleep will not allow you to get into the deep sleep, which is the second phase of the process.

Each time you need to get back to sleep, you start from the first phase. If this happens over a long period of time, you will become extenuated.

Recover the Missed Sleep

You will need to wake up during the night, but you will also need to recover the sleep you missed. This means that you should find moment during the day when you can take a nap.

For example, if you are a father and need to go to work, sleep more during the weekend. If you are a mother and you stay home with your child, sleep more during the day. You could also ask for help from some of your friends or relatives, and they will most likely be willing to look after him for a few hours while you are sleeping.


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