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Side effects of Birth Control Pills

Now we are going to talk about the side effects of birth control pills. All women know that birth control pills have many side effects such as nausea, weight gain or the appearance of cellulite. But many do not know about the effects they can have on the psyche.

If you think that you have gone a little bit crazy lately, it could be because of your birth control pills. Millions of women who chose this treatment feel the side effects of these medicines which seem to even influence our personality.

Side effects of birth control pills

Side effects of birth control pills

Side effects of birth control pills

What’s your type of man?

Several studies have shown that women using birth control pills are generally attracted to sensitive and obedient men and not by the ones who are adventurous and full of personality. Somehow, the hormones in the pill makes us choose that partner who could be a good father for his potential successors.
It seems that this pill has reached even the trends in Hollywood. If in the past the male superstars were represented by the rebel James Dean or the mysterious Clark Gable – some very masculine characters- nowadays, women prefer the slightly effeminate men, such as the famous Robert Pattinson.

Frequent mood swings

A moment ago you were laughing and you were quite cheerful – now you burst into tears without a serious reason. This is one of the side effects of birth control pills. Your mood depends on the hormone production, as it can also be noticed in the case of pregnant women. Through strange mechanisms which are not yet fully understood, the hormones in birth control pills affect structures in the brain, leading to mood swings, which are sometimes sudden and incomprehensible.

You feel sad without reason

Nothing seems to please you, you don’t feel like going out anymore and you make extraordinary efforts to concentrate at work. If you take birth control pills do not rush to a shrink’s office. You might not suffer from a real depression, but from a side effect of birth control pills.

You are never in the mood for sex

You take pills to enjoy a carefree sex life and now you no longer wish to have one. A decreased libido is one of the best known side effects of the birth control pills.

Side effects of Birth Control Pills: What should you do?

It seems that all these side effects occur in the first months in which you take the pills – that is the necessary time for your body to get used to the modified level of hormones.

If these problems persist more than a few months, consult a doctor and change the birth control pills. Experts say that there is a perfect pill for every woman. However, they do not tell us how to deal with depression or the lack of libido until we find the product that suits us.

It is recommended to always consult a specialized doctor before starting to take such pills. Only in this way you can be sure that they are efficient and that you will feel beautiful and happy, in spite of the changes they bring to your body.

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