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Sensational: 5 tricks to overcome your cravings

What do you do when you propose to follow a diet, but food cravings prowl your every step? Here are some tricks that can help resist the temptation!

“Okay, tomorrow I’ll start a diet.” How many times have you persisted in thinking this way and started with a great morning, but only managed to resist till lunch, when you gave up due to your culinary appetites?

You know it is essential that, once you’ve decided to lose weight, you must bridle your appetites and do not eat excessive food portions, but do not know how to fight those cravings for sweet or salty that you prowl.

1. Eating a good breakfast!

Never leave home without having breakfast. Prepare something in the evening or do your weekly plan with the options you have for breakfast. If you choose breakfast with cereals and milk, it is better to combine them with vegan milk, to get rid of bloating, gas, constipation.

Also, corn flakes should not be associated with dairy products, as we learn from the British nutritionist Gillian McKeith,  from his book Living Food for Health “.


2. Do not forget the snacks!

In addition to the three main meals you should also include three daily calorie snacks that will help you control your cravings.

Choose healthy snacks such as a plain yogurt, 10 raw almonds, a small handful of raw sunflower seeds, apples, 2-3 figs , one grapefruit, one carrot, two pieces of dark chocolate (containing cocoa over 70%), etc..

3. Planed mealtimes

This is a very important thing, but many people do not comply with it. You must establish a program table to avoid very long breaks in which the body is deprived of food and get to that excessive hunger.

If you eat ordered you will not be tempted to eat everything you find in the refrigerator at night, after you get home from work.

4. Beverages sweetened with stevia rebaudiana extract

It was shown that the natural extract of stevia rebaudiana calms sweet cravings. It is a sweet herb that contains no calories.

British nutritionist Gillian McKeith Known recommends in his book Living Food for Health “as having the ability to regulate blood sugar (glucose) to curb cravings for sweets and mitigate acute feeling of hunger, to be effective for those suffering diabetes or hypoglycemia.”

5. Wash your teeth after dinner!

Your brain will associate this act with the feeling of satiety, so you’ll be able to calm your eating passions. Another tip you can do is drink a glass of water because it will give you a feeling of fullness that can prevent you from eating something else.

How can you get rid of carvings?

Whatever you crave for, even if it’s something salty, sweet or meat, there’s a cure for you. You may choose something better instead, and have the same effect.

Here’s what Prof. George Mencinicopschi say about what these desires:

– sweet cravings can hide a lack of chromium and magnesium

– craving for salt may announce a deficit of calcium and potassium. “Those who crave salty foods frequently might suffer from hypertension, chronic dehydration and therefore should submit to a medical examination as soon as possible,” warns Prof. Mencinicopschi

– appetite for meat is maintained by the consumption of meat industry with low biological value protein (meat, sausage, pate’s). May indicate a protein deficiency, but they must be – taken from high quality sources of biological food (fish meat, chicken, tomatoes, eggs, Ricotta, Quinoa, Amaranth).

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