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Risks of taking weight loss pills

Do we know the truth about the weight loss pills? How risky is their usage for our health?

Diet pills represent an attractive way of losing weight for many people, especially women, who wish to suppress the appetite or to obtain a laxative effect. As long as these drugs are administered under direct medical surveillance, there shouldn’t exist any risk. Otherwise, the everyday usage of diet pills is addictive, leads to metabolic disorders, swelling, headaches, etc.

Many of the diet pills which we find today in drugstores or supermarkets are described as “fat consumers”, but these products may contain ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, which generally have negative effects on the central nervous system and the heart. These supplements do not reduce your body weight in a healthy way, they are not a safe and effective method to maintain your figure and they may even cause weight gain. Some of the common side effects produced by diet pills are: arrhythmias, increased blood pressure, depression, nervousness, panic attacks, etc.

How do diet pills work?

Basically, these pills boost the metabolism and in the same time reduce the appetite. They act on the brain too, increasing the activity of some chemicals (serotonin and norepinephrine) which provide energy, a good mood and make the appetite disappear. Moreover, diet pills contain an ingredient called Xenical, designed to inhibit the enzyme responsible for fat absorption.

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What do experts recommend?

Scientists have studied the effects of diet pills and have come to the conclusion that people who wish to lose weight should better adopt a healthy lifestyle than to use this type of medication.

Moreover, the experts say that the usage of these pills is not justified as studies have shown that the people who use them do not lose more than 5 kilos, even if they keep a diet simultaneously.

Furthermore, doctors say that some pills can be counterfeit and sold without the approval of the medical committee, as it is normal and legal.

While manufacturers try to attract more clients by advertising in the press, using the testimonies of people who have tried their products and by showing amazing pictures with “ before and after” figures, there are chances that these diet pills have not been scientifically tested yet or tested for a sufficient period of time to determine if their side effects affect our health on a long term. Furthermore, the herbal products are not safe for your organism. Not everything is made from plants and have a positive contribution to your health.

Your doctor’s opinion is the only one that matters when deciding to take such a medication. It is known that unbalanced diets and the consumption of inappropriate supplements can damage severely your health. Don’t get tempted to use something that you already know it is risky if you have other variants through which you could have a great body. The best way of losing weight and maintaining a healthy appearance is by following a balanced diet and exercise daily.

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