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What is Car Sickness

Have you ever wondered why you suffer from car sickness? This article will help you solve your motion sickness problems!

What is Car Sickness?

Car, plane or boat sickness, occurs when the delicate balance of the inner ear is disturbed by movement. If you know you’re going to be sick while traveling, never leave home on an empty stomach, but neither fill it with food.

Even if you stand still, your senses tell you that you are moving. This paradox triggers dizziness and nausea. The first signs for car sickness are manifested by headache and apathy, sometimes followed by uncontrollable vomiting.

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Car sickness is NOT fun

Yes, I have told you something that you already know. You probably suffer from car sickness and you know all these facts. Well, this is how you cure it!

Car sickness remedies:

1. Eat some fruit or a sandwich, mashed potatoes, rice, cooked carrots or peas instead of a full meal, before leaving. Car sickness usually appears on an empty stomach.

2. Try to sleep. Lie on bench and close your eyes. If you won`t see anything, you will stop feeling sick. In addition, if you manage to sleep, it will help you even more.

3. If you want to avoid car sickness, keep your face to the direction of travel of the means of transport.

4. Ideally, you should sit on the front seat of the car and not look sideways.

5. Do not eat any sweets. Period. If you want to stop car sickness, sweets have to go.

6. If you are a smoker, do not smoke. Car sickness is also caused by smoking.

7. Try to have some fresh air or keep a window open.

8. Before leaving, drink half a glass of tea made from Angelica arhanghelica (Umbelliferae) root.

9. Buy homeopathic pills for motion sickness: plane, boat or car sickness, these pills are best for all. All you have to do is take them before leaving.

10. Massage your wrists (the inside of the forearm).

11. Take some candy with mint or ginger with you and some “crunchy” biscuits, peanuts or walnuts.
12. Wear Sea-Band bracelets. They look like strips of elastic material that work by pressing the Nei Kuan acupressure point. Bracelets are worn on both hands and have been clinically tested against motion sickness caused by car, plane or boat traveling. These bracelets can be found below, are very cheap and will help you solve your car sickness problems!

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Treatment for Nausea and Sickness

Say STOP to your car sickness problems!

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