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How to Reduce Morning Sickness

Even though all future mommies are absolutely happy about their pregnancy, they know that morning sickness is one of the main reasons for which they would much rather not be pregnant.

All women experience morning sickness when they are pregnant, especially in the first weeks of pregnancy. However, there are numerous women who have to deal with morning sickness for a longer period of time and they simply cannot stand getting nauseated every morning.

There are a lot of things women can do to make sure they cope better with their morning sickness. Here are some tips you can use.

Morning Sickness: Foods which Nauseate You

Most pregnant women do not experience morning sickness until they start cooking. Usually, the smell which comes from certain types of cooked foods makes them feel nauseated and this is how morning sickness is trigger in many women.

You can ask a friend or even your boyfriend or husband to cook for you, at least for a couple of weeks, until you get better. Even so, it seems that if you are close to the kitchen and the smell gets out, you will surely start feeling nauseated again, even if you are not the one cooking.

As you probably well know, the smell is not he only one which can trigger morning sickness. This can also be triggered by taste. What this means is that there are certain foods which can make you feel sick.

For instance, if you want to avoid morning sickness, you can try to stay away from foods that are spicy or greasy. Even though you crave for them, you should make sure that you stay away from them, at least in your first trimester of pregnancy.How to Reduce Morning Sickness

Prevent Morning Sickness by Eating more Meals

There is this theory according to which a woman can prevent morning sickness by eating more meals. Usually, eating regular meals can trigger a nausea attack and even if it is very important for a pregnant woman to eat a very balanced diet, it is also advised for her to eat smaller meals, more times a day.

This trick can prevent you from feeling sick and it also prevents you from having cravings, as eating smaller meals more times a day can trick your body very well.

Another trick you can use is not to combine liquid foods with solid ones. Also, try not to drink water during your meals. This makes the solid food float into your stomach, creating a vomiting sensation. A way of tricking your body into not making you sick is by trying to eat some crackers.

This must be done in the minute you wake up. It is a good way of avoiding feeling sick. Plus, if you accompany your crackers with a cup of ginger or peppermint tea, is also a good way to wake up without having the need to rush into the bathroom.

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